The Hotline Miami Desktop


The Hotline Miami Desktop

You might remember bionicfemme’s EarthBound desktop from a few weeks ago—now she’s back with this awesome Hotline Miami desktop, which kind of captures the theme and feel of the game so perfectly we couldn’t help but share it. Here’s how she set it all up.

Again, Bionicfemme is using OS X, so if you want a similar look for your Mac, here’s what you’ll need:

That’s all there is to this one! We really like Übersicht as an easy, lightweight way to customize OS X, and this is a great example of how you can do a lot with it without having to, well, do a lot with it. If you like it, or have questions about it, head over to bionicfemme’s Kinja blog, linked below, to ask or share your praise!


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The Hotline Miami Desktop | bionicfemme



Passenger fight causes evacuation, delay on flight at Miami airport




Two passengers got into a fight on a plane at Miami International Airport on Friday, prompting police to evacuate the plane.

American Airlines Flight 139 was originally scheduled to leave Miami at 12:20 p.m., local time, but did not depart until 2:52 p.m. according to FlightAware.

Witnesses told Miami-Dade police that one of the two passengers referenced a bomb

Another passenger who was on the flight told the Miami Herald that the captain made an announcement, saying someone “muttered something that sounded like a threat.”

Umm.. some guy just got kicked off my flight for claiming his mother was a terrorist and that “he won’t blow up our plane”.. very strange

— Marvin Fisher (@Marvin_Fisher) February 20, 2015 Read more…

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