Double Tragedy: Family Loses Relatives On MH17 and MH370




SYDNEY — An Australian family is in mourning again after losing relatives on MH17, just months after grieving the loss of loved ones on MH370.

Irene and George Burrows from northern Queensland lost their son Rodney Burrows and daughter-in-law Mary on Flight MH370, when it vanished between Beijing and Kuala Lumpur in March. Now, they have lost their step-granddaughter Maree Rizk and her husband Albert on MH17, which was shot down above eastern Ukraine on Thursday.

Locals telling us the #MH17 tragedy has hit the #Sunbury community hard with the death of Albert & Marie Rizk

— Joel Crean (@JoelCrean) July 19, 2014 Read more…

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Jason Biggs Stirs Up Controversy By Making A Joke About Malaysia Airlines MH17 On Twitter


Jason Biggs Stirs Up Controversy By Making A Joke About Malaysia Airlines MH17 On Twitter image jason biggs

Actor Jason Biggs stirred up some controversy today when he made a joke about Malaysia Airlines. The airline has suffered two major tragedies this year. First, flight MH370 disappeared somewhere over the Indian Ocean. And today, about 300 people died when flight MH17 was shot down over Eastern Ukraine.

Biggs apparently thought it was the perfect time to crack a joke.

The joke isn’t really offensive but many people thought that it was way “too soon” to be making light of the situation. Twitter quickly called out Biggs for being offensive but the actor isn’t backing down.

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Several people came to Biggs’ defense, saying that it was ridiculous how people were getting angrier about Biggs’ joke than they were about the actual tragedy.

The situation got even more absurd when TMZ posted a story about Jason Biggs’ MH17 joke that featured the actor’s face next to the wreckage.

What do you think? Was Jason Biggs’ joke too soon? Is the internet being too sensitive? You can read more about the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash here.

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