Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 18.19.35To celebrate the ‘Year of Mexico’ in the UK, London’s Selfridges created a bespoke Mexican gastronomy experience named ‘Welcome to Mexico’. Earlier this month we attended a private dinner at the Corner restaurant and champagne bar hosted by Chef Benito Molina, Manzanilla restaurant (Baja California) and Chef Manolo Banos, Pitiona Restaurant (Oaxaca). Together they created an evening of superb gastronomy, highlighting the sumptuous full flavours of Mexico, so different from the Mexican restaurants we’re used to in London.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 18.20.05The evening was about celebrating the Mexican culture and showing there is far more to Mexican food than tortillas, tacos and Salsa – and there really is – even as a vegetarian, the broccolini and feta was super tasty and entirely different from the usual overpowering Mexican flavours. And there were some real specials and unusual dishes on the menu from Mole Verde with Lobster for starters, then Pork Loin for mains and finishing with the dessert of Rice Pudding and Nitro Churro, again so light and fluffy that you can’t help but finish the entire bowl.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 18.19.54

Taking part in the ‘Welcome to Mexico’ events were some of Mexico’s youngest and most promising chefs creating new and innovative dishes all over the world. And unlike most Mexican meals we have in London, this wasn’t heavy on the stomach.

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13 dead, hundreds left homeless after tornado ravages Mexican border city




At least 13 people died and hundreds more were left homeless after a category 4 tornado whipped through Ciudad Acuña, a Mexican border city.

The twister flipped cars, leveled homes and sent a baby flying in a seven-block area early Monday morning following heavy rain in the city of approximately 135,000. Some people who were driving when the tornado touched down got trapped in their vehicles, several of which had been slammed into buildings or had their hoods ripped off. A yellow bus was left flipped on its side in ruins.

Hasta este momento reporta el Gobierno del Estado de #Coahuila oficial: 13 fallecidos tras el #Tornado en Cd#Acuña

— Luis Felipe Puente (@LUISFELIPE_P) May 25, 2015 Read more…

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