TV Meteorologists Had A Grand Adventure at The White House Yesterday




The White House pulled out all the stops in releasing the third National Climate Assessment on Tuesday, inviting a select group of eight television meteorologists to the White House. President Obama conducted interviews about the report with these weathercasters, who included widely known figures like Al Roker of NBC News, and lesser-known folks such as Jeff Renner of KING 5-TV in Seattle. The White House also made senior officials, including EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and White House Science Advisor John Holdren, available for interviews.

The report found that climate change is already affecting the U.S. in significant ways, from increasing the frequency and severity of deadly heat waves to causing escalating risks of coastal flooding due to sea level rise. With polls showing that Americans trust TV meteorologists as science messengers, the White House’s use of these experts may have been a shrewd move. (Then again, this has been tried before, as Roker was among the meteorologists invited to The White House in 1997, when former President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore tried to engage the TV meteorology community in a climate science discussion.) Read more…

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