Masterclass: Winning The Economy


This post was written by Winston La

Marketing used to be about the product. Today, it is about participation.

Brands today must be relevant to consumers and the values of both parties. At the Winning the Participation Economy masterclass with Big Fuel, Avi Savar introduced us to the modern concept of “Participation Marketing” in a small classroom of 36 seats.

What used to be “one-size fits all” now has become a more personalized message to the consumer. The concept of “participation marketing” is based on three factors: personal, relevance, and value, or “Get-To-By:”

  1. First, target an audience with a shared interest and market specifically to the designated audience.
  2. Then, point out the relevance: What is the message you want to relay? Why should the consumer care?
  3. Finally, present the medium that would help the audience accomplish their desire and have them express their thanks.

Avi Savar uses MakerBot Industries as an example in Participation Marketing. MakerBot gets creative design enthusiasts to experience 3D Printing by launching a marketplace and community called ‘Thing-a-verse’ for those same enthusiasts to share their designs.

Towards the end of this joyful session, we divided into small groups of nine to design our own marketing plan for Southwest Airlines:

“Get cost conscious families (“penny-pinching dads” – Avi) to think of Southwest Airlines and seek amazing customizable vacations that are unique and stress-free vacation experience by offering an easy “one stop shop” interface that will guide them through every step of their budget.”

It is a mouthful, but with this, I’m no longer in class 101.


Winston La is a senior at IN-Tech Academy and a member of the MOUSE Corps program for three years. He likes tinkering with various gadgets and odd news. Follow him @winstontla.

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