6 Trends in SEO To Look Out for in 2016


Google changes the way it ranks websites dozens if not hundreds of times each and every year. The last few years have been turbulent, with numerous changes to the way it does so and 2016 is set to be no different. Take a look below to get a better idea of the pending changes we think Google is going to introduce in 2016?

1. Real Time Penguin Updates

It was recently announced by Google’s own George Illyes, that a real-time Google Penguin update could be coming as early as 2016. Penguin was launched to analyze the quality of the website and if it did not fall in line with Google’s quality guidelines, it would be penalized. If a real-time update does come it is going to make the SEO world a lot more competitive than it already is. If you want to get ahead of the SEO wolf pack for 2016, now is the perfect time to concentrate on your content and white-hat methods.

2. Real Time Panda Updates

As the year comes closer we can expect to start seeing the Panda algorithm in all of its glory. The Panda update is expected to hit at the end of 2015, meaning the New Year is going to leave a lot of web managers and SEO agencies scrambling for answers. Those that are prepared will be able to once again use it to their full advantage.

3. App Store Optimization

It may be hard to believe but in 2015 almost 52% of time spent online was used on mobile apps. For obvious reasons then it should be understood why app store optimization is more important than ever. More businesses are expected to unleash various ideas and products with full use of in-app A/B testing. As the year continues we are going to see more of an importance to deep linking for relevancy and visibility for app pages. It is going to become essential to measure in-app analytics. Apps are either going to sink or swim based in the number of conversions, app open rates, and of course, the click thru rates.

4. How Digital Assistants Are Changing Search Queries

With the introduction of digital assistants, the search results will get a lot more complicated according to SEO provider Webmation.com. Search queries that are spoken are much different than those that are typed. Longer-tail keywords can be expected to dominate the search engines for the New Year. These types of searches are going to reward pages that use a more conversational flow in their content.

5. Social Content Will Rank Faster

Google has already been in talks with social media giants Twitter and Facebook where content from those platforms will begin to appear more frequently in mobile search results. In addition to those platforms, many others will become more indexed as we head deeper into 2016. As the year continues the line that has been drawn between web content and social media content is slowly going to be erased.

6. Link Building

As it has been in recent times, backlinks need to be high quality. There is no longer a need for thousands of spammy links. The goal is to create links that people will want to click. If you go out and do the old school method of building thousands of links this is only going to have a negative effect on your efforts.

It is important to remember that videos and images do not count. While videos and images are always an important part of a post, sometimes they are just not that necessary. There are times when you may not be able to find anything that fits your topic perfectly. Do not continue to waste your time. Google still does not have the ability to scan your videos and images. The only reason you are using media content is to help your readers envision exactly what you are trying to say or show a product. If you do use photos or videos on a post keep them to a high resolution without slowing down your site. Low resolutions tend to turn off readers and typically make them hit the back button.

The changes that are coming in the New Year are going to be great for web managers who take care of their sites and are not intimidated by Google. For those that try to get around the rules, I think it is safe to assume another large crop of sites is going to be weeded out.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

December is finally here! The first door of your advent calendar should have been opened (or the first seasonal cocktail should be in the pipeline…) and we can all start getting thoroughly excited about shopping for gifts while wearing scratchy Xmas jumpers, over-eating mince pies, watching Elf on a mulled wine hangover and generally immersing ourselves in complete Christmas revelry. And for those that want to throw themselves even more whole-heartedly into the joys of the season then we have a roundup of fun festive events to perk up even the scroogiest of grinches. 

The South Pole Saloon

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 09.30.04

Brixton has become home (at least temporarily) to a slice of icy fun in the form of the South Pole Saloon. This wintery dive bar is the preferred drinking den of the rebel elves, who decided that toiling through Naughty-n-Nice lists wasn’t for them, and instead spend their evenings quaffing cocktail delights like Hot Tennessee Toddy’s and Monkey Shoulder Apple Macs. We headed to the heart of Brixton to experience the darker side of Christmas, and were immediately enchanted by the adult wonderland where storytelling performances, costumed characters and rocking DJs make for an evening unlike any other. There are winking lights, decorated fir trees, wood chip floors and plenty of picnic tables to cosy up on, and nourishment is delivered courtesy of street food vendors such as Dip & Flip, The Crust Conductor and Butchies. The fact it’s all outside but still more than adequately heated and covered gives it that extra frisson of fun, and we spent a wonderful few hours sipping Jack Daniels cocktails from tin cans, surrounded by the happy chatter of other festive fans.



Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like being faintly sozzled for the entire month of December, and this is where the juniper geniuses behind Jensen’s Gin come in (try saying that after a few G&Ts). From Thursday 3rd hop down to their distillery in Bermondsey, where, on selected dates until the 18th, you can take part in The Evolution of the Gin Cocktail Masterclass.

Trawl the streets of London through the medium of booze, as guests are taken through the Dickensian and Hogarth-tinged history of gin in London’s East End, right through to the origins of the Martini, Ramos Gin Fizz and Aviation cocktails. Soak up all that Mother’s Ruin with a delicious selection of nibbles and stew from Spanish bodega, Bar Tozino AND goodies to take away. It makes for the ideal festive treat for those not wanting to be overloaded with grinning Santas, candy canes, or indeed the chilly night. With a hot cocktail on arrival and top-ups of spirit throughout the class, this makes for one very cosy evening.
To book (and check masterclass dates) click HERE

Pop up Screens present: Cinema in the Snow

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.46.08
Prepare to grab your popcorn, get nice and cosy, and spend a few hours indulging in the ultimate festive treat – a Christmas-themed movie to really get you in the seasonal spirit. From the 11th – 23rd December Pop Up Screens will once more set up camp in 20th Century Theatre in Notting Hill, where their cinema in the snow will be showing ultimate favourites such as Elf, Love Actually, Grinch, White Christmas and Home Alone. The whole place will be transformed into a winter wonderland, and eager film-goers are encouraged to step through the magic wardrobe into falling snow, where they can indulge in their chosen flick while enjoying hot chocolate, brownies, popcorn and mulled wine. The hardest decision is choosing which movie is going to jingle your bells.
Andy Burrows is famously known as ‘the nicest man in rock n roll,’ and now the Razorlight drummer is also making a name for himself as the headliner of popular Smoked & Uncut festivals held by The Pig Hotels and Lime Wood. Now, on 23rd December, Andy is heading back to his roots in Hampshire to play a one off Winter Smoked & Uncut Christmas Show. Let’s hope he plays some pieces from his Christmas album with Tom Smith (Editors), and tunes from the score for The Snowman and the Snowdog, which he wrote with with Ilan Eshkeri.
Tickets priced at £25 will include access to the event, a meal and a glass of wine, and can be bought here

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