How Movember Has Improved Testicular Cancer Awareness


Movember is a charity campaign designed to enable men around the globe to live happier and healthier lives. Since its launch in 2003, millions have joined the movement, funding thousands of projects focusing on testicular cancer, prostate cancer, mental health and physical inactivity. To date, the total raised is in excess of £400m.

It is a movement that is crucial for the discovery of new ways to treat these forms of cancer. This annual November event is easy to take part in and all you really have to do as a man is to let your moustache or beard grow throughout the month. Yes, it’s that simple, but you can do a lot more!

It has become a fun and helpful event that also gives you the opportunity to discover new ways to wear your facial hair by the end of the month. But Movember is much more than just a “skip shaving day” month. It’s a month of hope and enlightenment.

Taking Action

Movember takes over the month of November with a series of different sponsored events designed to raise money for a good cause. Moustaches in Movember encourages guys everywhere to let their moustaches and beards grow for the month – meaning that for a full thirty days your moustaches turns into a real live billboard for men’s health. MOVE in Movember is a thirty-day physical fitness challenge, which anybody can get involved in. Thanks to the use of social media advertising, these campaigns have been given a lot of attention.

Raising Awareness Of Key Areas

Before Movember, many men were not aware of the statistics regarding testicular cancer. Movember has sought to educate men – and women – on testicular cancer and prostate cancer, which are the two most largely diagnosed forms of cancer in men in the UK. Prostate cancer alone is the most commonly diagnosed, whilst testicular cancer is the most common cancer to occur in men aged 25-49. As well as raise awareness and get people talking about these issues, Movember also aims to educate men on the best preventative measures and how to carry out physical checks to catch cancer early.

Not Just About Cancer

Prostate and testicular cancer aren’t the only conditions that Movember looks to raise awareness of through the use of their campaign. In fact, Movember campaigns are also in support of those suffering from poor mental health and encourage men and women who are physically inactive to start moving, educating them on the possible health complications of a complete lack of exercise. Movember aims to create awareness and remove the stigma attached to suicide in men, with a staggering thirteen men per day on average taking their life by suicide in the UK.

Vision And Project Work

Movember’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health, and thanks to the outstanding amount of donations they receive each November, there’ll able to do just that. With a dedicated ‘Mo Team’ ready to handle any of your concerns, you’ll always be updated on the projects and events that are taking place so that you know exactly what your money is used for, no matter how big or small. They are committed to keeping the community involved and keeping things fresh whilst remaining accountable and transparent in their practices. What started off as a mere thirty moustaches back in 2003 has now grown to support from five million individuals as well as support from major corporations. Other charities are also taking on the trend of men’s health awareness, for example, the Ladbroke’s #ShesGotBalls campaign which looks to involve more women.

Did you take part in the Movember campaign this year?

Movember – Moustache & Beard Month

Movember Cancer Awareness Month

Movember Cancer Awareness Month

Movember Cancer Awareness Month


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Facebook Testing Fundraisers Tool, Improved Donate Button


Facebook is testing a new fundraisers tool for nonprofits, as well as improvements to its donate button.

Vice president of product management Naomi Gleit said in a Newsroom post that 37 partner organizations are testing the new features—including Mercy Corps, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the World Wildlife Fund—adding that other U.S.-based 501c3 nonprofits can sign up here to learn more about the fundraisers tool and new donate button, which will be made available more widely “soon.”

Gleit described the new fundraisers tool as follows:

Fundraisers are a dedicated place to raise funds from a nonprofit’s page for a specific campaign.

Nonprofits can tell their campaign story, rally supporters, collect donations and visibly track progress toward a goal for year-end drives, themed campaigns and special projects such as building a clean water well or funding a clothing drive.

People will be able to donate in just a few taps and share their donations with friends. All shared posts will also include a donate button, making it easy for anyone who sees it to donate and join the fundraiser directly from News Feed.


And she wrote on the changes to the donate button:

To help nonprofits increase donations, we’re improving our donate button and making it available on pages and posts. Adding a donate button to a page will give a nonprofit a consistent place to collect donations, even as they update their page’s content. Including a donate button on a post will give people an easy way to donate directly from News Feed.

Both of these buttons will make it easy for supporters to contribute using a one-page form without leaving Facebook, and share that they donated with their friends.


Readers: What do you think of the two new tools for nonprofits?

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