What is happening in Brighton SEO? Full LIVE Coverage of September Show


It’s that time again that the UK and part of the Western European Search community runs towards the beach. The Brighton Beach to be specific, because in Brighton the biggest UK SEO Conference takes place again.

Are you afraid of missing out? Don’t be, because right here on State of Digital, you can follow every step that is being taken in Brighton! And are you in Brighton? Make sure you share on the different social networks so your friends at home and the readers of State of Digital will be able to listen in and follow what is going on!

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Nothing Will Stop the Iran Deal from Happening


You may have heard a lot of opposition in the media on the Iran Deal. However, what many don’t realize is that the support goes well beyond the U.S. Congress and if the deal falls apart, the U.S. would be in the position of losing most of its credibility on the world stage when it comes to negotiations.

If anyone hasn’t noticed, Obama has worked hard in gaining support from the world.

Just recently, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman came to the U.S. to speak with Obama regarding the deal, as he was one of the last remaining countries who hadn’t made a decision on whether to back it or not. Although Salman had many concerns and it didn’t seem any progress was being made, on Friday the King gladly put his support behind it.

The support comes from China, EU, France, Germany, Iran, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey (although cautiously), Australia, Columbia, Norway, Philippines, United Nations, NATO, Arab League, and the Gulf Cooperation Council. Canada supports it halfheartedly expressing concern over Iran keeping its end of the deal.

With the support of the world, the U.S. Congress will only have opposition from those who are vehemently loyal to Israel. This deal has been designed to show the world that the U.S. no longer thinks of Israel’s security as the main focus on Middle East foreign affairs. This is designed to be Obama’s legacy.

The Iran Deal

Call it a final slap in the face. Obama has put Israel in a position of being alone in its opposition with only the majority of Republicans and a few Democrats behind them (not to mention a large portion of the U.S. citizens).

Whether the deal is good or not doesn’t matter, it has made Israel look bad and caused further isolation to a state that is increasingly scrutinized and hated. Israel wasn’t given a voice in this matter and it will continue to find itself uninvited and alone, not because of Netanyahu but because it’s Israel.