How to Turn Boring Case Studies into Gripping Stories that Sell


Yay! Your case study is ready to publish. At last. You’ve interviewed your customer for over an hour. You’ve written down their story and carefully proofread the text. Soon the world will hear what a great job you do. But in the back of your mind lurks a nagging fear. Perhaps your case study is […]

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Gripping Photos Capture Tornadoes’ Destruction in U.S. Midwest




A series of large, fast-moving tornadoes tore through the U.S. midwest on Sunday, leaving carnage in their wake

Tornado watches are in effect for parts of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri, according to the National Weather Service. The tornadoes have produced large hail and damaging winds.

An NWS representative said the storm is “a very dangerous situation,” and “it’s just getting started,” according to Reuters.

Midwesterners and storm chasers are sharing their perspectives of these devastating storms on social media. The hashtag #ilwx, which people have been tweeting along with photos and news of the storms, trended on Twitter Sunday afternoon Read more…

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