Ex-Facebook, Instagram Exec Chris Gomersall is New Atomized CEO


Former Facebook and Instagram creative strategist Chris Gomersall is now CEO of Atomized, a cloud-based creative platform he began developing during his free time at the social network and the photo- and video-sharing network.

Atomized said in a press release announcing the move that its platform allows marketers to plan and execute content-based campaigns while managing executions of that content on all screens and platforms, adding that it also provides a visual calendar-based resource for those marketers to help them ensure consistency in their messages.

According to the release, Gomersall was motivated to create Atomized when he discovered “a ubiquitous pain point for global marketers” during his time at Facebook, realizing that those marketers experienced difficulties in managing their campaigns and creative across different screens and platforms. He set off to create a centralized, cloud-based creative management system, which became Atomized.

Gomersall said in the release:

People are spending more and more time on giant platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, but exciting new channels pop up all the time. These new touch points are simultaneously exciting and intimidating for marketers, who are finding that you can automate media buys, but you can’t automate creativity. Each new ad format has its own language and use case, and as the audiences grow savvier, simply repurposing the same content across every channel won’t cut it. As we found at Facebook, brands need to create content that fits the use and context of each channel, while maintaining a consistent message and story with all of the other channels. That’s what brands are able to do with Atomized.

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