Flashback: 80’s Christmas Commercials

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Flashback 80's Christmas Commercials

I am what most would consider a 70’s baby (I was born in 1975), but I hit my prime in the 80’s. I really don’t have any memories before the age of 4 or 5, so the 80’s was a time that I relish as my childhood. Christmastime was such a special and fun time growing up. We lived away from our family in St. Louis, so many holidays were spent just my mom, dad, and me. There were a few occasions where we traveled to St. Louis for Christmas, or they came to visit us. Those were the days!

I remember going through the JC Penney and Sears catalogs, picking out the toys I wanted. I remember holiday cartoon specials, Life Savers Candy Books, and being able to open my gifts at midnight on Christmas (one of our traditions). I also remember the Christmas commercials that were on television at the time. This is during the Cabbage Patch craze of the 80’s.

I’ve scoured the web to post some of my favorite 80’s Christmas commercials. It really took me back, looking at the way things were styled, presented, and even the cost of items. Aw—the way we were!

Here are some 80’s commercials for your enjoyment. Do you remember any of them?

 Polaroid Santa Commercial

McDonald’s Ice Skating Commercial

Folgers Peter Comes Home Commercial

Toys R Us Cabbage Patch Kid Christmas

Barbie Dream House Christmas

ET Atari Christmas

Kodak Disc Christmas

Kraft Holiday Recipe Commercials

Oreo Santa Commercial

Ah, these commercials took me all the way back to my childhood.  What were your favorite Christmas commercials from the 80’s?

The Cubicle Chick