Moving from Blogger to WordPress: Importing and Fixing Your Blogger Posts


Moving from Blogger to WordPress Importing and Fixing Your Blogger Posts

Moving from Blogger to WordPress? You can read in this post what you should know before making any decision.

Now that you have hopefully found out whether Blogger is good enough for you or you need WordPress, it is time to move on!

This article will take a look at the practical part: how to actually transfer all of your blog posts into your shiny new WordPress installation and how to get rid of the problems that come with this.

Before digging into it, have you already thought about a hosting service for your new site? I’ve a dedicate server with HostGator, but you may want to take a look also at other hosting services. Read here SiteGround review.


How To Import Your Blogger Blog Posts

Fortunately no – you don’t have to open up each and every post and copy/paste its content into WordPress. Importing your posts is actually the easy bit.

Here are the steps you have to follow to migrate your posts to WordPress:

  • First you need to install the “Blogger Importer” plug-in (download link)
  • If you’ve bought a custom domain, you should remove it from your Blogger account
  • Then you need to upload this PHP file to your WordPress’ theme directory (wp-content/themes/YOUR THEME NAME/)
  • After that you need to revert your Blogger blog to the classic template
  • Then scroll down to “Edit Template HTML” and paste that HTML code
  • Now you have to find and replace all “” instances with the URL of your new WordPress blog

Alternatively here is video tutorial to show you how to that:


Setting The Permalink Structure

Now that you have finished with importing the blog posts, you need to take care of another important aspect. That is namely your blog’s link structure. You probably know what that structure in Blogger-powered blogs is but just in case:

http://BLOG POST.html

As you can see, the date of the post stands before the actual permalink. This might not look bad for the visitor, but it isn’t ideal when it comes to search engines.

In Google’s eyes the more emphasize you’d like to put on a keyword, the closer that keyword should be to the beginning of the article, the headline or the URL.

That’s not what we have in the above example. What Google sees as more important in that Blogspot URL is the date of the post, which is obviously not what we need.

To fix this, you need to open up your WordPress dashboard, scroll down to “Settings” –> “Permalinks”, choose “Post Name” (

post name permalink structure


How to Fix the Broken Links

One very annoying problem that occurs after importing your blog posts is that not one of your internal links will work.

Fortunately (once again!), there is a pretty neat plugin that will do most of the hard work for you. The tool is Broken Link Checker (click here to download directly the version 1.10.10).

Whenever you sign in to your WordPress dashboard, you just need to check if there are broken links. The plugin does all the work and inform you about any dead links found. The good thing is you don’t have to edit each instance of the same link, since the changes apply to all identical URLs.


How and Why You Should Generate Post Thumbnails

Post thumbnails are used by all those plugins, dedicated to showing a list of related, recent, popular, etc. kind of articles either in your sidebar or under your blog posts.

Having one (or all three) of those plugins is a great way to keep visitors just a little longer on your site.

Allowing thumbnails to be shown generally improves click-through rates, since images are a far better way to catch one’s attention than simply using plain text.

The problem with moving from Blogger to WordPress is that although your images will still be there, no thumbnails will be assigned to them hence the widgets won’t be able to display them.

Fixing the problem however is quite an easy task!

The only tool you need is Auto Post Thumbnails. Once you install it, you simply go to your WordPress dashboard –> Settings –> Auto Post Thumbnails –> Generate Thumbnails.
The rest of the process is entirely automated.


Moving From Blogger to WordPress…It’s Done!

Now that you followed the above steps, you are pretty much done.

What you need now are some great plugins to lighten up your WordPress blog!


Did you have problems when moving from Blogger to WordPress?

Did you have any problems with the above-mentioned steps?

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Apple wage fixing plaintiff accuses execs of hypocrisy over discriminatory labor policy


techtopusCritics — including Pando — have used various words to describe Apple’s now-overturned ban of employing accused felons from construction work on their new campus. Words like discriminatory and illegal.

Now we can add one more word: Hypocritical. At least according to Michael Devine, one of the plaintiffs in the landmark wage-fixing lawsuit against Big Tech firms like Apple, Google, Intel and Intuit.

Speaking to Pando yesterday, Devine argued that Apple’s ban on hiring suspected felons is at the very least ironic given the suit brought by him and his fellow plaintiffs “revealed clear and ample evidence that multiple current and former Apple executives committed felonies in their conspiracy to suppress competition for tech talent.”

Devine has long been outspoken in his criticism of Apple. He was one of the major dissenting voices over the  original settlement figure; it was thanks to Devine’s dissent that the companies had to come back with a higher offer, adding $ 90 million to the final settlement, which now stands at $ 415 million. Devine’s class action wage-theft lawsuit against the Big Tech firms grew out of a Department of Justice antitrust division investigation into the Techtopus — the Big Tech and Hollywood firms’ wage-fixing conspiracy in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act, which can carry both civil and criminal penalties. Ultimately the DOJ settled with the firms, paving the way for what turned out to be the first ever successful wage-theft class action lawsuit under the Sherman Antitrust Act.

Apple announced at the end of last week that it had rescinded its hiring ban on felons and those with pending felony charges, which as we reported was not only horrible policy but also quite possibly illegal and in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, according to legal experts and sources in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission I spoke to last week.

Here’s what Devine told me yesterday:

I was especially outraged at the hypocrisy of Apple’s discrimination against convicted felons given that we revealed clear and ample evidence that multiple current and former Apple executives committed felonies in their conspiracy to suppress competition for tech talent.

Devine is not the only one outraged. Yesterday we reported that the former head of the NAACP, Ben Jealous, is publicly calling on Apple to both redress all the workers unfairly harmed by Apple’s hiring ban, and to take the lead in ending employment discrimination against the tens of millions of Americans with criminal records.