Rescuers untangle humpback whale stranded in hundreds of feet of fishing line




Rescuers on Saturday managed to free a humpback whale entangled in hundreds of feet of fishing line, and it swam away southwards.

“We hope we gave this whale a second chance at life,” said Kelly Terry, a spokeswoman for SeaWorld in San Diego, which sent a rescue team to free the huge mammal.

The adult humpback, estimated to be 35 to 50 feet long, was spotted Friday off the Orange County coast about 45 miles south of Los Angeles. It was entangled from its mouth to its tail and what appeared to be nylon rope streamed behind it. Read more…

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Amberjack aims to become the Uber of… fishing


Software continues to eat the world, and now it has developed a taste for seafood.

If you’re one of the 46 million Americans who go fishing each year–or would like to add to their number — a new service out of New York City is ready to help you make your last-minute booking.

Amberjack co-founders Joe Predham and Jerome Tufte met while working for another startup, Jerome on its front end and Joe on the back. Jerome says they were “destined to get to know each other,” and did, quickly realizing that they shared an interest in starting a business. As they hunted for a business idea over meetings in New York’s coffee shops, they decided they wanted to do something consumer-facing, something unique that “you don’t read about every day on TechCrunch or Hacker News, or that every 19- or 20-year-old aspiring entrepreneur is thinking about,” Jerome said...

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