Balmain x H&M – The Highly Anticipated Fashion Collaboration


On November 5th of this year, H&M began offering its shoppers a taste of high-end French couture for a fraction of the price. Thanks to the collaboration between Olivier Rousteing, Balmain’s creative director, and the team behind the affordable fashion clothing store H&M, the runway designs, for many, will now be within reach. This decision between the two companies was announced last spring and is now finally coming to fruition. The preview of what’s to come from the partnership debuted on the evening of Oct. 20, 2015, in the form of a highly anticipated celebration, and it has everyone talking.

Rousteing credits his own desire as an early twenty-something man lusting after the top-notch ensembles on the catwalk as the reason he so readily replicated pieces from previous seasons for his staggering 1.4 million fans to purchase in H&M stores—and that’s just his following on Instagram. Now just a late twenty-something, this talented 29-year-old designer has taken the fashion world by storm. His youth, edge, and fresh take on fashion have drawn in a crowd of sorts, endearingly referred to as the #BalmainArmy. And it’s easy to understand why his clothing is so coveted, especially when viewing the stellar compilation of Balmain’s latest runway looks shared by Lyst.

According to Vogue, the recent October release party and runway debut was a spectacle to behold. From a dance routine reminiscent of Rousteing’s personal past, to the glamorous, jewel-toned and jewel-encrusted pieces, to the surprise performance by the Balmain x H&M clad Backstreet Boys, the celebrity fete was a fun-filled evening that didn’t disappoint. With famous brand backers, like the Kardashians, and three of the top fashion industry it girls—Kendall Jenner, Jourdan Dunn, and Gigi Hadid—strutting down the catwalk, Rousteing has carved out a beneficial place to be in terms of his fan base.

Furthermore, Rousteing’s designs are being described by top magazine Vanity Fair as “aggressively sexy,” with their “bold shoulders, wasp-like waistlines, and hemlines up to there.” And although it seems gender-neutral design is what is being accepted most affectionately by the press, the masses outside of the fashion industry, and even those outside the realm of the Hollywood elite, are singing his praises for such sultry and gender-specific designs. It seems as though Rousteing has a mind of his own and with his finger on the pulse of the latest trends, his trailblazing firestorm of fastidious fashion shouldn’t be flickering out anytime soon.

With the vast selection of glittering party dresses, rich, textural velvety fabrics, elegantly flowing viscose trousers, hand sewn embellishments, and everything lovely in between, here’s to hoping Balmain, and now Balmain x H&M, will be able to cater to the masses. Perhaps even one day he could become a true household name as an everyday wardrobe staple. So whether you choose to admire beautiful designs from afar, splurge on top-of-the-line fashion, or prefer to swaddle yourself in affordable luxury, Balmain promises to have something to delight all of its fans as the luxury clothing company and H&M celebrate the start of a very beautiful friendship.

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Top Items and Great Picks for Winter Fashion


There’s no denying it. Fight as much as you might like, but it’s time to relegate those open-toed  sandals to the back of the wardrobe and dig out the woolly scarf – Christmas lights have come to a street near you and winter is here. But fear not, because if the changing season affords any comfort, it’s the fact we can indulge in the season’s fashion and shop for a lovely new outfit. And yes, we know it’s an expensive time of year for all concerned but, with the help of, we’ve located a few key pieces that will get you ready for the cold snap without making your purse shiver in fear. What’s even better is that all the items are available online, meaning the hassle of sweating in overcrowded changing rooms is a thing of the past – winter fashion is just a click away.


Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.03.43

There’s nothing like a new coat to make you feel better about the absence of sun, and it’s sensible to invest in a good style – after all, it’s possibly the item you’ll be wearing most all winter. Finding that piece of outwear that suits your shape whilst also making a statement will secure your fashionista credentials, which is why we’re coveting this gorgeous number from Kaliko. The length is flattering, the funnel neck is on-trend, and the beautiful rich berry shade will stand out on any grey day.


Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 09.55.54

Some decent jeans will be your go-to saviour over the colder months, and so investing in a pairshouldn’t even feel like spending money. And for a new style we always head to denim-Mecca GAP, where there are tons of options depending on shape, leg and waist. Now, during this time of year it’s likely you won’t want to be tugging on skinny jeans, so it’s time to branch out with a new style. You’ve heard of Boyfriend Jeans, but what about Girlfriend Jeans? They rock with their slouchy-chic combined with a hint of tailoring, and this on-trend indigo pair will take you striding into 2016.


Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 09.50.59

If there’s one thing that makes getting up on a frosty morning easier, it’s the thought of pulling on a cosy knitted sweater. Not only that, but they hide any newly acquired lumps and bumps accumulated from too many pigs-in-blankets (a serious concern at this time of year). We LOVE this beauty from GANT – the cream goes with everything, it’s made from lambswool, and has a classic crewneck and cabling with saddled shoulders.


Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.10.23Christmas Season = Party Season, so embrace it! Having a cheeky little number in your desk drawer will ensure you never get caught short, and there’s something mood-lifting about popping on a jazzy frock for festive drinks. A key trend this season is metallic, and this dress from Boohoo covers all bases. We love the sweetheart neckline and modest hem that makes it suitable for a number of occasions, while the gold shimmer gives it that extra party vibe.

So there you go – the start of your winter capsule wardrobe. All these items can be purchased from the comfort of your sofa and, with the help of, you can save money on each piece of new season fashion. Better pour ourselves a mulled wine and get browsing then…

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