#ad My Evolving Hairstyles + Join Us for #YBNSallyBeauty Twitter Party 10/13

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Disclosure: I am a compensated Ambassador for You Be-Natural.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

Oh, how I love my hair!

The Cubicle Chick natural hair

I’ve been both long and short. Curly and straight. Brunette and blond. And relaxer and natural. In my evolution of styles, I’ve always wanted to bring forth my personality. In my circle, it’s a known fact that you can almost count on me having a different hair style every time you see me. Like some people switch lip color, I often make my hair my muse. But, the best decision that I ever decided to do with my hair was to go natural.

After years of creamy crack, in 2012, I decided to let it go and turn it loose. And through the growing process, I fell back in love with my hair. And because it has been healthy, I’ve been able to do all sorts of things with it, while still being able to showcase my evolving style.

My latest hair obsession is a short crop, compliments of a professional cut that has me feeling myself. I’ve been short in the past, but it’s been years since I’ve had tapered sides. I am getting a whole new vibe with my new ‘do, and tons of versatility. I can rock it funky for a night out with the girls or smooth for making power moves business meetings.

The Cubicle Chick You Be-Natural

And when I really want to pump up the volume, I can wear it in curls au natural. The possibilities are endless.

The Cubicle Chick

Because I am so natural hair obsessed, I’ve teamed up with Luster’s You Be-Natural, and will be co-hosting the #YBNSallyBeauty Twitter party on Tuesday, October 13 at 8pm CST/9pm EST. We will be chatting and talking it up about You Be-Natural’s products, our hair sheroes, and sharing natural hair gems that you won’t wanna miss. It’s going to be a celebration of natural hair complete with prizes, so make sure to join us so you can get in on the fun. Use #YBNSallyBeauty to RSVP and to participate.


Join myself and these other fly naturalistas for the soiree:

Ty Alexander @GgorgeousInGrey

Stacey Ferguson @JusticeFergie

Pauline Campos @Pauline_Campos

You Be-Natural products are available in select Sally Beauty Supply locations. For a list of where to buy, click here.


Oh, and for more info on You Be-Natural, click below for their website and social channels:

Official Hashtag: #YBNSallyBeauty

You Be-Natural Website: http://www.youbenatural.com

You Be-Natural Twitter: http://Twitter.com/youbenatural

You Be-Natural Instagram: http://Instagram.com/youbenatural

You Be-Natural Pinterest: http://Pinterest.com/youbenatural

You Be-Natural Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/youbenatural

You Be-Natural Facebook: http://Facebook.com/youbenatural

I look forward to seeing you in the place for our Twitter shindig. Don’t miss it!

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The Cubicle Chick


How Social Sales Meets Evolving Customer Expectations

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How Social Sales Meets Evolving Customer Expectations

Make no mistake. Buyer behaviors have changed. They are more informed. They will frequently educate themselves about your products and services and will ask their peers for referrals prior to ever calling you. They are also busier than ever and are being inundated by our messaging so, if your message does not stand out, it languishes in their inboxes.

From a selling standpoint, you actually have two kinds of customers: those who are socially connected and those who are not. Socially connected customers will have all the expectations of their less social cousins but, many more. Your task is to anticipate, and to address, the needs of both. Before we talk about social sales specifically, let’s discuss the expectations that customers have always had. They expect us to …

  • Show an interest in their business – Good listeners also ask good questions. Those who can do both are the ones who learn about their customers, where they want to take their businesses, and what challenges are preventing them from doing that.
  • Have done our homework – There is absolutely no excuse for being ill-prepared. None.
  • Educate them – This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your product knowledge and specifically how your product or service can be deployed to solve their specific challenges!
  • Be prosponsive – Being reactive has never been adequate. Being proactive is good! Being proactive and responsive (prosponsive) is outstanding!
  • Be honest – Being honest includes being trustworthy and you must be recognized as being both! This also means that if you are not the right solution for their needs … you tell them that and direct them to somebody who may be better suited to their requirements.
  • Be somebody that can be counted on – This includes getting back to them when you said that you would or … before.
  • Be real – Being real includes transparency, authenticity, and personal accountability. If you make a mistake, admit it and take the steps needed to correct it. If you don’t know the answer to a question, you own up to that and assure them that you will find the answer and then … you do it!
  • Remember what happened during your last meeting – “We are starting all over from the beginning? Seriously!?

Tech savvy buyers expect more!

Now, if they are tech and/or social savvy, they expect you to be so as well. This means that …

  • Your template messages are a turn off. Hell, half of the emails that I get are addressed to the digital version of “Occupant”. If you don’t use my first name or you address it as “Dear Craig M. Jamieson” or, even worse, “Dear Craig M.” … what’s the point? I delete these without ever reading them and often without even opening them.
  • They want, and expect to be able to, converse with you on their social channels.

Of course, even those who are not socially connected still know how to use the internet. While they may not be looking you up on LinkedIn, that does not say that they are not Googling for your product or service. Will they find you? How about your company? What will they find on your website? Will an article from your blog turn up on search?

What can you do?

The best place to start is by using your social sales tools and techniques to address the needs of both you social and less than social customers. There are many things that you can do that do not entail the social networks themselves. Let’s start with this. As a business person would you rather receive a box of donuts or … a box of new business? Any salesperson who can deliver new business to their clients will be movin’ on up to trusted advisor in no time at all! New business can be delivered in many forms and social sales excels at all of them. How about …

  • New identified opportunities
  • New potential buying customers
  • Educational articles that help them to be better at what they do

Much of this can be accomplished by using the social search engines and then it is a snap to forward your discoveries to your customers either via their social networks or by email. You can even use … the telephone. What a novel idea!

Here is one simple thing that you can do with Feedly and Google Alerts. It’s all in the video below but, it is a simple as setting up a folder for each of your customers on Feedly and then adding  …

  1. Their blog which you can use to promote their content
  2. Articles from industry resources that help them to become better at what they do.
  3. Alerts from Google that identify potential new business opportunities.

By doing something like this, you will be checking off many of the expectations that all buyers have. Your folders become a constant and consistent source for making personalized and valuable touches with your important clients and they will be both shocked and grateful for your efforts!

Next, you simply must use a CRM or Social CRM in order to create reminders and organize your notes. Given the low entry costs that are associated with today’s systems, there is absolutely no excuse for not having, and using one. This means that even if you do it on your own without company sponsorship!

Finally, there is also much discussion as of late as to whether or not salespeople should be blogging. I am in the camp that sees this as an excellent sales-related activity that can be used to attract customers to you and also as a vehicle to demonstrate your expertise. Should this take away from your primary sales activities? Absolutely not but, not many successful salespeople work on the clock and they recognize that there are prime selling hours, when you can be working with a customer in some fashion, and non-selling hours like evenings and weekends. Non-selling hours are the  perfect time for paperwork and … writing. If you don’t have a blog, and even if you do, a great place to start is with LinkedIn Publishing! It’s easy to do and is a free feature of every LinkedIn account.

How about you? What different strategies and tactics are you using to reach your social and traditional client bases. Enquiring minds want to hear from you!

Maximize Social Business