Effective Tools to Create a Mobile Version of Your Website


Modern day smartphone and tablet users prefer to access information on the go. It helps them save time and explore the required information smartly. This explains the significance of mobile version of your website. The desktop version of your business website, e-store or blog is adequate when it is opened in the desktop monitor or laptop screen. But, when accessed in smartphone or tab screen, it might not load properly. Therefore, you need to have a mobile version of your website to strengthen your web presence by offering ease of access to your targeted customers to your website.

What if you continue without a mobile website?

If you plan to continue without mobile version of your website then your targeted visitors may find it uncomfortable to surf through your website via their mobile devices. It is automatic for the internet users to prefer a mobile website over the desktop version of a website while they access it on the go. This emerges as a positive sign of growth for your competitors and you may just lack behind in the competition. Hence, if you aim to have more & more people browsing your website then it is important that you are available on all platforms with suitable versions of your web presence. Having a mobile version for your website is the beginning to new growth opportunities for your business.


How to create mobile version of your website?

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There are several free to use tools, which help you to generate mobile version of a website. These tools are a perfect option for individual website owners and business startups. Since they are free to use and require no programming or HTML coding knowledge, hence anyone can take benefit from them. Therefore, beginners choose any of these tools to create a mobile version of their website. However, each of these tools has its own limitation, but still they are a good way to start with the idea. Here are some of the famous tools that you can rely on:


Whether you need a mobile blog website, M-commerce platform or a simple mobile website Mobify has simple and easy to use graphic user interface to help you out. You simply need to set up your account and start exploring the easy steps to create desired mobile version of your website.


MobilePress is a plugin, which you simply need to add to the content management system of your website. It will make sure that you can create mobile version of your website and continue with publishing the mobile website.


Onbile is another interesting option for those, who are looking for a tool to publish the mobile version of their website. The engaging and easy-to-handle user-interface helps you to cut and paste a custom generated script. This would automatically redirect your mobile users to mobile version of the website.

Expert assistance:

If you want to have customized and dedicated version of mobile website for your business, then it is recommended to seek professional assistance. There are several web & mobile software development solutions offering advanced line of solutions. They provide you altered solutions to create mobile version of your website and make it effectively present to access via different mobile screens. There are various expert solution providers, empowered with latest technology and innovative approach, such as Itransition.

By using the best of these different methods, you can create an intuitive web presence, helping your visitors to experience quick and smart mobile surfing to your website content.

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Study: Brands Finding Social Ads as Effective as Traditional Advertising


Social advertising is growing on nearly every platform — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and more — but the biggest knock against paid social has been proving effectiveness.

It appears the tide is changing. According to a recent study by IZEA, 52 percent of companies surveyed have a sponsored social budget and they find social ads to be in the top three most effective marketing investments they’ve made.

Ted Murphy, chairman and CEO at IZEA, commented on the study in a press release:

For the second year in a row, Marketers are seeing the value in leveraging Content Creators to reach their target audiences in authentic and original ways. We have created the Creator economy, a place where content has real power. Sponsored content has the ability to dramatically change the trajectory of conversations and sentiment for and about brands; we have the power to send products flying off of shelves.

Interestingly enough, many consumers surveyed also said that social ads were as effective as TV ads.

Just how prevalent are social ads? From the IZEA study:

  • Over one in three adult online users age 18 to 70 have seen a Sponsored Social message in the past year.
  • Overall, consumers estimate they see a total of 86 Sponsored Social messages per month across all platforms — or about three per day.
  • Overall, about two in five consumers are seeing more Sponsored Social messages than one year ago, with highest penetration sites driving the greatest increase.

Marketers are feeling a lot better about social ads than in the past. More than half (54 percent) of marketers surveyed feel more positive about paid social than they did a year ago. It definitely shows in the budgets of those polled — 25 percent had an annual budget greater than $ 500,000; 5 percent of brands surveyed said their social ad budget is greater than $ 5 million.

Marketers also reward content creators, as they are willing to pay 2.1x premium for sponsored video and blog posts over other forms of social advertising. Sponsored social is a source of income for 9 of 10 creators, who say it accounts for 55 percent of their income.

Readers: Have you noticed more ads on social channels in the past year?

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