Oklahoma parents panic over teacher’s trip to Ebola-free Rwanda




Since the arrival of Ebola on United States’ shores, a couple of things have become abundantly clear: No matter how often health officials say that the disease is not transmitted through casual contact — it’s easier to get a cold — plenty of Americans are witch-hunt-level paranoid about catching it. And too many folks have no clue about the geography of Africa or how big the continent is.

Combine those two things, and we get the sad situation that a teacher in Blackwell, Oklahoma finds herself in. The educator, who teaches at Blackwell Elementary School, has an upcoming mission trip to Rwanda. The teacher, whose identity hasn’t been revealed, is off to do good deeds. But after fearful parents in the 7,000-person town launched a petition expressing concern over the teacher’s possible exposure to Ebola, the educator agreed to quarantine herself for 21 days after she returns. Read more…

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