NASA confirms discovery of nearest rocky exoplanet to Earth so far




A NASA space telescope has just confirmed the discovery of a rocky alien world just 21 light-years from Earth, making it the nearest rocky exoplanet to our solar system yet found.

The exoplanet (a label given to any planet outside the solar system) is called HD 219134b, and was first detected by scientists using the Galileo National Telescope in the Canary Islands

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope did follow-up observations confirming its existence

Although it is our nearest rocky neighbor, it likely can’t support life, according to NASA. The world orbits too close to its star to be habitable; it only takes about three days for the planet to orbit its star Read more…

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The Sharp Dressed Earth Desktop


The Sharp Dressed Earth Desktop

Thomas over at Flickr combines one of my favorite wallpapers with some smart widgets and music playback controls to create a workspace that’s probably as much fun to use as it is to look at. Here’s how he set it all up.

Not that it’s obvious, but Thomas is running Windows on this desktop, and while you may recognize it from other featured desktops (or even my guide to GeekTool), he uses Rainmeter to get everything done. If you want to do the same, here’s what you’ll need:

That’s all there is to this one. The end product looks great though, and the whole thing works with the theme that the wallpaper lays down really well. He also notes that he customized some of the themes to change the font and increase the text size a bit, and made a few other subtle tweaks. To learn more, head over to his Flickr page (linked below.)

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The Orion Desktop | Flickr