December #MyAvonStory Twitter Chat Recap: Three Must-Haves for Earning Your Own Income

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Disclosure: As a paid Blogger Ambassador for Avon, I will be discussing many aspects of Avon’s brand; from the entrepreneurial side, to career, to beauty tips, Avon staples, and more in a series of posts. The opinions in these articles are mine and are not indicative of the brand.

Avon Brand AmbassadorIn our second #MyAvonStory Twitter Chat, host Jen Groover discussed how entrepreneurs can earn their own income on their own terms with their own businesses. She was joined by two Avon representatives, Milagros & Carlos Garcia,  stars of Avon’s Beautiful Stories video series, who also shared their tips and have insight on how they create an income by selling Avon. If you missed the chat, or you are looking for a recap of what was discussed, I’ve got for you the three must-haves for earning your own income that serial entrepreneur and expert, Jen Groover, shared with us during the chat.

In order to earn an income on your own terms, you have to be able to know and understand what that means and looks like to you:

What does earning income on your own terms look to you? Is it making money with your own business and calling all of the shots? Creating your own work hours and schedule? You need to know this before you are able to actually be effective. For me, earning an income on my own terms means being able to take care of my family consistently while being able to invest in my business and save money. Those are terms that aren’t negotiable, and to be able to feel like I am successful, at minimum, those are my benchmarks. It took me about two years before I was able to earn an income on my own terms, so it is something that must take patience and perseverance. But in the end it goes like this—your terms, your rules.

Once you’ve identified the what, you have to get a clear understanding of how this adds value:

I like how Jen puts this in her three must-haves. This is something we usually forget when empire building, but it’s critical for our success. How does earning income on our own terms (I listed my terms above) add value? Why, if I weren’t able to earn an income that can take care of my family, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. My family is my WHY. So this adds value to me because it fuels me to keep on keeping on. Even when I have a bad month or I don’t reach my goals for the quarter, I have to keep pushing. Because my business is bigger than me—bigger than my dream. It is all about my family.

The final step in this process is to “always innovate”:

I call this “Change the game”. WE can’t just be in the game or follow the rules of the game, we have to make our mark and change it. You do this by being innovative. Being creative. Being proactive. THAT is how you get to the next level, by doing things differently and standing out amongst all the rest. Being an entrepreneur means you are always willing to up the ante. Status quo is a NO. Innovate and create situations that benefit others.

I get so much inspiration from our #MyAvonStory Twitter chats—if you aren’t participating, you are missing out. The final Twitter chat in this series will take place on January 21st, 2015 at 12:30 pm EST. Make sure to join us!

About Jen Groover

Jen Groover is a serial entrepreneur who’s gone from guest-hosting spots on QVC to inking deals with some of the industry’s biggest heavyweights. Her success began with the creation of the Butler Bag, the world’s first compartmentalized handbag, and has evolved into an entire lifestyle brand, which can now be found at several prominent retailers. She’s also behind Leader Girlz, which teaches young girls the importance of empowerment through play, and her newest brand, Empowered by Jen Groover. Groover is also an author, speaker and media contributor.

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