These Wireless Earbuds Charge Through Your Phone and Will Change The Way You Listen To Music


You’re on your way to work, at the gym working out, or walking around the block to get some coffee. You’re listening to an album you just downloaded, streaming a new Spotify playlist, or tuning into your favorite podcast, and then it happens. Your headphones are ripped from your ear-holes, and your listening bliss comes to a complete halt. Equally frustrating was the 10 minutes you spent trying to untangle the cord-ball that your headphones managed to get into after taking a ride in your back pocket or work bag.

If you know this scenario far too well, you might want to take a look at PUGZ, a Kickstarter project that originally set out to raise $ 50,000, and now has 7,643 backers commiting a total amount of $ 1,042,405. Their elevator pitch is the “world’s smallest, wireless earbuds charged through your phone.”


PUGZ claims they have solved three major challenges facing the current market of wireless earbud or headphone products. These are size, battery life, and functionality while charging. PUGZ charge fully in just 40 minutes, and you can listen to music for four and a half hours after that.
They also have 10 hours of standby by time. The amazing part of all this is the fact that PUGZ earbuds charge through your smartphone, and better yet, it only requires 3% of your battery for that 40 minute full-charge.

Along with smartphone charging, PUGZ also features a patented self guiding magnetic connector. The magic behind this is the “Squircle” (a hybrid square-circle connector) that enables you to listen and charge at the same time, something PUGZ says the industry forgot in all other wireless earbud products.


Backers are claiming their PUGZ for around $ 119 to $ 149, and depending on your earbud needs, it might be a bargain. There are no wires attached when listening to music, podcasts, or taking calls from your phone. And you can control several commands directly on the PUGS earbuds, such as adjusting the volume, playing and pausing (and skipping) tracks, starting and ending calls, and even activating Siri or Google voice.

You can learn more about PUGZ with the project’s wacky teaser video featuring, well, you probably guessed it, some pugs, or at least something like the pugs you know.

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Dispensing Trash Bags, Storing Earbuds, and Fixing Squeaky Hinges


Readers offer their best tips for dispensing trash bags, storing earbuds, and banishing squeaky hinges.

Every day we receive boatloads of great reader tips in our inbox, but for various reasons—maybe they’re a bit too niche, maybe we couldn’t find a good way to present it, or maybe we just couldn’t fit it in—the tip didn’t make the front page. From the Tips Box is where we round up some of our favorites for your buffet-style consumption. Got a tip of your own to share? Add it in the comments, email it to tips at, or share it over at our user-run blog, Hackerspace.

Turn Your Box of Trash Bags Into a Dispenser

Dispensing Trash Bags, Storing Earbuds, and Fixing Squeaky Hinges

Fmauricea shares an easier way to dispense trash bags:

This trick works with a lot of brands. Cut a slit in the side of the box so you can pull trash bags out from the center of the roll. It works just like a tube of cleaning wipes, letting you cleanly pull one bag out at a time.

Store Your Earbuds Tangle-Free with Baby Socks

Dispensing Trash Bags, Storing Earbuds, and Fixing Squeaky Hinges

Michael shares a fun way to store different sets of earbuds:

If you’re like me, you have several sets of earbuds; you may have one set for regular use, one set for sport, one for the beach, another for HD sound. However many you have, and however you carry them, you’ve probably spent many hours of your life untangling their cords.

There are all sorts of ingenious devices available to keep them neat, but none come close to the cost, comfort, or cuteness factor of my preferred device.

You can buy baby socks for next to nothing. You get them in all colours and designs. They’re comfortable in your pocket, easily spotted when rummaging in your bag, efficient at keeping your chords untangled, and best of all – never fail to raise a smile when you unravel your buds.

Keep Your Doors Squeak Free with Vaseline

Dispensing Trash Bags, Storing Earbuds, and Fixing Squeaky Hinges

Monroe shares a better way to lubricate those squeaky door hinges:

Instead of using WD-40 (which isn’t actually a lubricant) on your door hinges, turn to another household staple: Vaseline. It leaves no greasy mess on door and won’t drip on your floors. A quick smear will often do the job, but you can also remove the hinge pins one at a time, clean them off, wipe on some Vaseline, and replace for an even more effective solution. Old carpenters can be life hackers too. 🙂

Photo by Zadok the Priest.

Build a Quick iPad Mini Stand With Two Gift Cards

Dispensing Trash Bags, Storing Earbuds, and Fixing Squeaky Hinges

Rusty shares a quick way to build an iPad stand when you need one:

Hey guys, here’s my 1-minute iPad mini DIY stand. All you need are two gift cards (or old debit/credit cards) and some tape. Adjust the top bend for a bit more height if you like. And if you want even more height, just prop it up against something heavy like a stapler.