Mobile Game Roundup: Battle Odyssey, Dungeon Link and More


Battle Odyssey

Looking for a new mobile game to try this weekend? Here’s a look at some of the games launched this week.

Battle Odyssey (Free on iOS, Android) – This puzzle RPG from Gameloft features over 500 heroes, each with an elemental affinity impacting his or her strengths and weaknesses against enemies. Players design a team of heroes and take it into battles, drawing lines to connect like-colored symbols and attack waves of enemies. Gamers will collect new heroes as they complete battles, and can spend excess heroes to level up their favorites. In addition to single-player story missions, players can complete limited time events, and compete in real-time player-vs-player duels. Battle Odyssey is coming soon to Windows.

Century City

Century City (Free on iOS) – This clicker from Pine Entertainment takes players to a land filled with ample gold deposits, asking gamers to rapidly tap on the screen to mine for gold, which can be spent on buildings and upgrades for the growing metropolis on the surface. As players build their town, their passive gold production increases (that is, the gold produced even when players aren’t tapping), while upgrades allow players to mine more gold with each individual tap.

Paradise Island 2 (Free on Android, Amazon) – Previously released on iOS, Game Insight’s tropical resort builder is now available on Android and Amazon devices. The game offers new quests to complete and buildings to construct, as they attract tourists to the island and work to restore the resort to its former glory.

Bubble Bath Blast (Free on iOS) – From Gameblyr and Pinka Games, this bubble shooter features 300 levels at launch, and offers various power-ups for completing each level’s challenge. For instance, gamers can purchase items including bombs and aiming trajectory lines with in-app currency. Special bubble types will also unlock as players progress.

Bouncy Bits (Free on iOS) – This survival game from PlaySide challenges players to tap on the screen to bounce their critters over and around obstacles without running into them. The title is the latest in a growing trend of purposefully challenging games, so players shouldn’t expect to last very long in each run. Players can collect coins as they bounce, and will use these coins to unlock new playable characters. Bouncy Bits is coming soon to Android.

Word Academy (Free on iOS, Android) – A word game from Scimob, Word Academy is a level-based experience, challenging players to find the one or more hidden words in each level, using a limited number of letter tiles. Words are formed by tapping and dragging a finger to create words, one tile at a time, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. As players complete levels, they receive hints for solving future stages. Don’t be fooled; this one starts simply, but quickly increases in difficulty.

Burn It Down (Free on iOS) – A side-scrolling puzzle platformer from Tapinator, Burn It Down follows a man through a mysterious storyline, in search of the woman he loves. The game’s 50 levels focus heavily on momentum, which can work for or against the hero, helping him jump over gaps, or straight into danger. Players must avoid spikes, falling liquids and other obstacles, and can use hints to view the correct path through complicated stages. Three hints are given to players for free.

Galactic Nemesis ($ 0.99 on iOS) – From CS54 Inc., Galactic Nemesis is described as an old-school arcade space shooter. The game is presented from a top-down view, and sees players dragging a finger on the screen to shoot at oncoming enemies. Players will make their way through four galaxies and 36 levels of increasing difficulty. As players progress, they can earn currency used to buy advanced ships. CS54 Inc. plans to bring the game to Apple Watch later this year.


SoccerDie (Free on iOS) – Developed by Pipeworks Software and published by 505 Games, SoccerDie sees players taking to the soccer field to save Earth from alien invaders. The game isn’t a traditional soccer experience, as the aliens have tweaked the sport’s traditional rules. As such, players will swipe on the screen to lead their soccer player toward the enemy goal, while avoiding hazards including mines, cyborgs, ninjas, soldiers with bazookas and even boss characters. Players have a limited number of lives before they need to start over from scratch.

Sorcery 3! ($ 4.99 on iOS, Android, Amazon) – As a spin off of the Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! game books from the 1980s, inkle Studios’ Sorcery 3! is a narrative game with a branching storyline impacted by player choices. Players will work to survive in the wasteland of Kakhabad, and for the first time in the Sorcery series, gamers can explore the world in any order they’d like. The entire platform features over 450,000 words of content and 10,000 choices, with the game unfolding in real-time, including varied conversations and combat sequences to ensure no two games will be the same.

Zen Koi (Free on iOS, Android) – A koi breeding game from LandShark Games, Zen Koi sees players guiding different koi fish around a pond, collecting prey in specific quantities to craft gems and expand the pond. Over time, other koi will appear in the environment, and by sticking close to them, players can breed their own koi to receive new playable units. As players continue to expand and grow with each individual koi, they lead them on a path to ascension and an eventual dragon form.

Dungeon Link (Free on iOS, Android) – From Kong Studios and Gamevil, Dungeon Link is a puzzle RPG, giving players access to over 200 heroes with varying abilities. In each battle, players drag their finger across battlefield tiles to link symbols on the board. The longer the line, the more monsters can be attacked in the process, if they rest along the line. In addition to story-based quests, players can complete boss raids and daily dungeons, challenge other gamers to player-vs-player games and more.
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