Social Media Advocates Are Banging The Facebook Drums Again!


For as long as Facebook has been offering businesses advertising social media consultants have been offering justifications as to why businesses should invest time and money in Facebook.

The debate is getting old, really old, especially for those traditionalists out there who want to see real returns on their investments rather than hear words like ‘reach’ and ‘engagement’.

The moment I hear words like that from my staff here at JP Digital Tech I immediately berate them and say we need to talk in customers, sales and leads, things that can actually make our customers money.  Let’s not talk about reach and impressions and engagement as this really is just a justification for an advertising mechanism rather than a demonstration of return.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been watching closely as social media consultants again start to bang the drums about how ‘great’ Facebook is and how you should ‘ride the wave’ and continue to invest.

The reality is that for some businesses, and I’m not saying all, but for some businesses Facebook is never going to show a positive return on investment.  That’s why some business owners need to change the way they actually look at Facebook and rather than look at it as an advertising medium look at it as a customer response and feedback mechanism.

Now, you probably think that I’m against Facebook as an advertising or promotional mechanism for businesses.  This is untrue, in the right circumstances and for the right business that know their objectives it can be a very powerful tool.  But what I do object to is blanket advice from professionals saying “stick with it”.

My advice, be smart.  If you’ve been on Facebook for some time, made a decent investment in terms of time and money and seen no return, then possibly it’s time to cut your losses.  On the other hand if you are new then test it out.  Use logic and common sense when making decisions, like you would with any other advertising medium.

Understand that it takes time for any advertising investment to pay off, but there is also a time to draw the line in the sand and stop giving more time to a medium that simply won’t work for your business.

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