Drudge is Hurting Republican Chances


I have always been a big fan of the Drudge Report. In a world where leftist mainstream media rules the airwaves and covers the internet, Matt Drudge and his report has been a strong aggregator of right-leaning stories that help to educate people about the problems with liberalism while highlighting some of the stories that don’t normally hit mass media coverage. Unfortunately, he/they also tend to display poor judgment from time to time when it comes to promoting the right ideas.

The most recent example falls under the category of yellow journalism. They chose to lead with a story about Martin O’Malley’s failed campaign event that only had one voter attend. The headline itself is damning and enough to make anyone considering O’Malley to pack their bags, sigh, and jump on the Hillary Clinton bandwagon. The reality is that the whole story isn’t nearly as sensational as the headline on Drudge makes it seem. Weather in Iowa has been so horrendous that most campaigns have cancelled events. O’Malley’s team made a late decision on cancelling and decided to brave the weather in case anybody did show up. They didn’t think anyone would and that would have been a better outcome than the image you see above of a single person sitting with a hopeless candidate.

As we’ve described recently, headlines are more powerful than the news itself, especially on sites like Drudge. From a purely political perspective, it’s important for as many Democrats to support O’Malley and Bernie Sanders for as long as possible. The sooner they’re eliminated, the easier it will be for Clinton to win the nomination and start working on her general election campaign. As Republicans, we want that race to drag out as long as possible. Drudge knows this. He or his team simply couldn’t resist the juicy headline even if leading with that story hurts the Republican party.

This isn’t the only example. Drudge has been very supportive without outright endorsing Donald Trump. Just as he helped Mitt Romney get the nomination in 2012, he’s trying to help Trump get the nomination this time. It makes sense from a journalistic perspective; Trump is a wealth of headlines waiting to happen whether he’s a GOP candidate, the GOP nominee, or the President. I’m not suggesting that it’s a purely selfish move for Drudge to support him, but it’s conspicuous that he would be throwing his weight in that direction when it also happens to benefit him the most.

Again, I believe that he truly likes Trump. His motives have never been questioned and I wouldn’t try to dredge that idea up. However, I do question his choices from time to time and this is one of them. Yes, Drudge is very opposed to illegal immigration like Trump, but on other issues they seem to diverge. Is Drudge like Ann Coulter in that they both like Trump for his straight talk about illegal immigration? I hope so. The alternative is that he’s latching onto the candidate who would help his site prosper and that’s not the Matt Drudge I want to imagine.



Drudge Posts Fake News Story About Climate Activist Living in Freezer


The Drudge Report isn’t the ultimate journalistic standard in the world. It’s a list of links that interest people… LOTS of people. The site is the ultimate tastemaker, kingcrowner, and journalistic trendsetter on the web. Any respectable journalist checks Drudge to see what’s going on in the world, as do millions of others.

This time they dropped the ball. A story that was easily confirmed as fake popped up on Drudge today. “Activist Spends Year in Freezer to Oppose ‘Global Warming’… was enough to get us to click. Within seconds it became clear that it was fake. The name of the activist is Jade Martens. She spent the last 12 months in a 6’x3’x4′ freezer to protest global warming. She did this at the San Francisco Congress Center. There is, of course, no such place. She ate, slept, and even “relieved herself” in the freezer, standing from time to time to stretch.

Her plan is to stay until real action is taken by the Obama administration to halt carbon emissions. If her health allowed, she would stay in for at least another year. A Danish filmmaker, Hans Mitzbërg, is already working on a documentary. At this point, it is so crystal clear that the story is fake that one didn’t need confirmation.

Drudge Fake Story

The site that it linked to was pretty lame as well.

Drudge Climate Activist Story

How could something like this happen, you might ask? Why would Drudge buy into such a story. The answer is in the way the story was sold. While it was clearly positioned to be fake, there was one thing that they put in that made suspended disbelief. Jade Martens is supposed to be a member of Greenpeace. By invoking the big “G” the people circulating the story were able to allow us to put logic aside. If anyone was stupid enough to pull of a stunt like this for the sake of the environment, it would be a Greenpeace radical.

Nobody’s perfect. We don’t fault Drudge for falling for the Greenpeace fallacy. In truth, the reader really didn’t have a chance. It’s like saying that an NFL player committed a stupid crime and the NFL let them back in. Regardless of the crime, we would believe it.