The drone stays in the picture


Randy Scott Slavin really likes drones.

The New York City-based director always figured that his path was leading him towards making the high-budget scifi features he loves. After 15 years honing craft with music videos and commercials work, though, he still found that door too tough to budge. And then he discovered the potential of drone cinematography, tipped off by a seemingly impossible shot in a skate video. How had it been accomplished? He had to know, and he’s poured his enthusiasm into drone work since finding out.

“When I started to move towards drones and away from the feature film path, it was really an effortless transition. I just realized, What am I? I’m somebody that likes to do creative things, to be exciting by things. If making a feature film through the studio system as I had access to it was an uphill battle and not fun, not exciting or creating joy the way I had envisioned, I realized I should put it on the back burner,” Slavin said.

I spoke to him by phone last week. He’d just returned from shooting David Copperfield by drone in Atlantic City for Good Morning America, and was nursing a cold, though his enthusiasm was undiminished…

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When this chimp whacked a drone, she thought ahead, scientists say




Chimpanzees are apparently not amused by our automated flying technology.

After months of reviewing video footage, scientists have determined that a chimp that swatted down a drone in its Netherlands zoo enclosure had actually carefully plotted out the attack ahead of time

According to their analysis, several chimps had armed themselves with long twigs and started climbing up the scaffolding when the drone, which was collecting footage for a documentary, made a dry run through their living space.

By the time the small aircraft swooped through the same route for the actual filming, the chimps were ready for it. A female named Tushi, posted on a beam near where the drone had flown before, sent it tumbling with two sweeps of her stick. Read more…

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