Driving Change – Get Your Superhero Career On The Road [Infographic]


Everyone’s got a superhero these days. They’re on the big screen, the small screen, bursting out of pages of comic books, and flooding the streets every time a Comic-Con hits your city. But away from our more famous fictional counterparts (and assuming you don’t have the ability to punch through walls), how do you go about staying a superhero on a daily basis? Are you ready to get you superhero career on the road?

This was exactly the questions that UK-based RED Driving School became obsessed with this year. If you’re stuck in a life rut, it’s one solution to sit in your car and wait for some everyday Batman to come and get you out of this mess, but wouldn’t it make more sense to transform into someone with the power to take away your own worldly worries – to be your own superhero, in other words? Inspired by all the qualities of their favourite on-screen supermen , they went on a lookout for those who don’t stick to the rules, who want to protect their cities from accident and emergency, while also teaching others the value of goodness. The results certainly put a smile on their faces!

After researching workers around the world, RED has awarded driving instructors the accolade of ‘unsung superhero’. Why, you ask? For starters, instructors have a special power (honed over time with continuous training), which they pass on to the less educated drivers of this world. They’re also on one man (and woman) missions to slow down speed demons everywhere while also tackling every driving sin from improper merging to hesitant braking head on. They also work for themselves, in their own vehicle (customised with everything they might need to make their jobs easier) and to their own values and timescales. As you can see, they have got their superhero career on the road.

In fact, if you’re looking to switch gears in your personal life, reach your potential and improve your health at the same time, the self-employed enjoy the most super lives. RED found that 67% of those who’ve taken the plunge and gone into business for themselves reporting a positive impact on their mental and physical wellbeing, and 72% finding it positively impacting on their sidekicks at home too. The statistics make it clear – if you’re stuck in a less than wonderful life rut, there’s definite all round benefits to dusting down your secret superhero career and saving yourself from the daily grind.

With the help of freelance illustrator Jack Hagley, RED have created their own comic strip style infographic to get these statistics, and everyday superheroes, firmly back on the career map. So if you’re interested in driving jobs, illustration or simply looking for a new lease in life, check out the infographic below and get ready to reinvent yourself accordingly. Get ready to get your superhero career on the road.

Driving Change – Superhero Career Infographic

Driving Change Superhero Career Infographic

Driving Change Superhero Career


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Celebrity Endorsements on Social Media Are Driving Sales and Winning Over Fans


Celebrities promoting products and services has become a lucrative way to build brand awareness and credibility. When brands establishing a relationship and connection to popular names in entertainment, sports, fashion, and other verticals, there is the potential to boost sales drastically, especially when the consumer believes the product or service is actually used by the celebrity him or herself.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Companies around the world have used athletes and celebrities to promote their brands since the late 1930s, when baseball legend Babe Ruth endorsed a soft drink brand called Red Rock Cola. Brands will pay top dollar to sign celebrities with the expectation of a return on their investments. Marketwatch shows us that even a simple announcement from a brand signing a celebrity or athlete can cause the stock prices of the company to rise (ever so slightly, but still impressive nonetheless). The research also states that sales will likely increase 4% (on average) after signing a celebrity.

Finding the Right Match

The key for brands is choosing the right celebrity to endorse your products. While companies may seek out personalities with a particular characteristic or attractiveness, such as physical appearance, athleticism, intellectual capabilities, or overall lifestyle, the most important trait is the trustworthiness and credibility for the brand. Of course, the most effective celebrity endorsements are those who seem like they would be an authentic customer of the product or service that they promote, and enough so that fans and consumers genuinely believe this.

Brands will also tap into the social media communities of these celebrities. At times, this provides a much more transparent approach to the partnership, and further links the individual to the business. This practice makes sense because it’s easy to classify a TV commercial or billboard as a staged production, but utilizing his or her actual social channels creates a unique and personal allure to fans and followers.

The fact that social media provides us unprecedented insights into the lives of celebrities means it also has the power to make these endorsements seem all the more believable – or not, depending on the brand and celebrity duo. The downside, of course, is the common slip-up on social media, which more often than not crashes the endorsement contract to the ground. Overall, these relationships are built on trust, and businesses research possible celebrities as much as possible before making it official.

Pro Athletes Boosting Brands

Michael Jordan may not play basketball anymore, but he still has a huge fan base. In 1984, Nike launched what later became the most successful athlete endorsement campaign in history; the Nike Jordan shoe brand. In 2009, statistics showed that Jordan continued to boost Nike’s bottom line with the Jordan Brand taking 75% of the basketball shoe market, and a 10.8% share of the overall shoe market in the United States. As mentioned, Jordan’s celebrity continues to impact the world where brands must pay more than $ 10 million dollars just to use his imagery, of course, after receiving his permission first.

Companies can only hope that they are able to link up with athletes who have such a huge impact on their brands, whether it’s directly tied together, or slightly off-brand. Just this month PokerStars embarked on their largest marketing campaign yet, using two sports heroes who are also great fans and players of poker. The brand clearly understands the significance of social media as evidenced by pre-launching on Facebook a new television spot starring soccer superstars, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr.

Maria Sharapova, a female professional tennis player, is another athlete that Nike partners with to promote their brand. Her story is interesting as she built her illustrious tennis career, and also built a large following across social. With 1.8 million followers on Twitter, over 15 million fans on Facebook, and 164,000 on Instagram, she’s one of the most sought-after athletes for endorsements.

These brands see social media as the most effective way to engage with people, especially the younger generation, since it is the method by which younger demographics tend to interact with each other, and everything around them. Friends, family, news, brands, athletes, and just about everything in between each and every day.

… And then there’s the Marshawn Lynch of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. He just really like Skittles.

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