Keep a Room Warm and Cozy With This DIY Door Draft Blocker


If you’re starting to wrap presents for the holidays, you might want to hold on to those long cardboard wrapping paper tubes. With a few other household materials you can make an effective draft blocker for under your door.

In this video from youtuber DaveHax, you’ll learn all kinds of helpful tips for keeping warm this winter. You’ll learn the basics of staying warm, as well as how to make your own radiating heater with some tealight candles, and last but not least, a great way to block drafts under your door. Grab an old pair of tights, stockings, or leggings, cut off one of the legs, and stuff two long wrapping paper cardboard tubes inside. Then just slide the whole thing under the door. Now you have an extra incentive to get your presents wrapped early this year! If you don’t any of those materials, you can also make a draft blocker with a pool noodle or some pipe insulation.…

How to Keep Warm this Winter | YouTube



The makers of Budweiser and Miller Genuine Draft are talking about a giant beer merger




Imagine the SuperBowl ads

The two biggest beer brewers in the world are talking about potentially combining their businesses. Anheuser-Busch InBev, which makes party-friendly beers including Budweiser and Corona, said it is interested in buying SABMiller, the maker of party-friendly Miller Genuine Draft. Anheuser-Busch didn’t put a number on the offer — estimates are that the value could be $ 245 billion — but even the whisper of a deal drove SABMiller’s stock up 22%, adding nearly $ 13 billion to its market value in only five minutes

The 5-minute £11 Billion spike in #SABMiller

— Mark Barton (@markbartontv) September 16, 2015 Read more…

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