Download Videos from YouTube, Save Photos from Instagram, and More with Workflows on iOS


Download Videos from YouTube, Save Photos from Instagram, and More with Workflow on iOS

Workflow is one of those amazing apps that really shouldn’t exist on iOS. With it, you can do all sorts of automation things. Over on One Tap Less, they point to a few workflows that allow you to do things you’re definitely not supposed to do on iOS: download content from various apps.…

Workflow essentially makes it possible to grab a URL, then download the content of that URL to your photo album. In most cases, this means selecting the “share URL” option in an app, then triggering the Workflow. Here are some examples:


Trigger Workflows with Clipboard Text as Input | One Tap Less



You can download Star Wars movies this week: Here’s an exclusive peek




A long time ago, the original Star Wars movies were sold on laser disc and VHS; later came DVD and Blu-Ray. But you’ve never been able to download them (at least, not legally)

That changes on Friday, when Lucasfilm, Disney and Fox are making all six Star Wars movies available as high-definition digital downloads at last — alongside a whole host of extra content, much of it based on long-lost interview tapes from the archives

“Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection” arrives April 10 on a variety of platforms: Apple’s iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Vudu, Xbox video, Verizon FiOS and Disney’s own Movies Anywhere service. No word on pricing yet, but you’ll be able to download them individually or as a package. The news was announced with an ad during the NCAA final game Read more…

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