A feast for Diwali – Bhel Bar from Mira Manek


With Diwali celebrations in full swing, we’re getting some recipe ideas from chef Mira Manek, champion of healthy Indian food, writer for Huffington Post and creator of best-selling snacks such as Spice Bites and Chia Chia. 

As vibrant as it is simple, this dazzling Bhel Bar makes for the perfect centerpiece to a Diwali spread.

This crunchy, soft, sweet, savoury, lime and tamarind infused tantalising mix is bursting with celebration, the perfect thing for Diwali. Over the last few years, bhel has become quite the Diwali ritual in our family, headed and made by my father. And since it’s one of those dishes that must be made fresh and instantly eaten so that the crispy mamra and sev remain so and don’t become soft when mixed with all the chutneys and yogurt, it is made when the guests arrive, while everyone is meeting and engaging over this, nibbling on all the other snacks and sweets on the table.

Last year, I made a bhel salad, with all the best healthy bits of the bhel mixed with spinach leaves. And this year – well the lovely lettuce boat leaves or even endives are the perfect thing to fill and hold all the different things that go into a bhel mix. And so this bhel bar is a fun and colorful addition to the table, a way for guests to decide what they put in there and enjoy making their own mix – or you can just make the lettuce boats and keep them ready!

There are a number of ingredients you can swap and change here, of course, if you don’t have something. I’ve used steamed sweet potato, but you can of course add a bowl of steamed white or red potato. Small apple cubes are another good addition. And if you don’t have sev mamra, keep a bowl of crushed salted crisps or baked crisps for that extra crunch. Lastly, I’ll definitely be adding a bowl of quinoa for extra protein along with the chana. And, before I forget, I didn’t get a chance to make the coriander chutney, but it will always work well with bhel – here’s the recipe (scroll down). So many options!

This bar can be as small or as big as you like! Keep replenishing the bowls as guests drop in through the day!

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 15.33.08

Bhel Bar list & options:

Few packs lettuce wedges and/ or endives
Sweet potato, steamed and chopped in cubes
Red potato, steamed and chopped in cubes
Red onions, finely chopped
Black chickpeas, chana
Mamra, puffed rice
Sev mamra, optional
Apple, chopped in small cubes

Red pepper and chilli chutney
Tamarind chutney
Corainder chutney
Yoghurt, stirred with a small spoon of sugar or honey

Garnishing bowls
Roasted peanuts, broken or crushed
Small lime wedges
Sesame seeds

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 15.35.18

Mira Manek is an author, chef, and creator of delicious and nutritious Indian snacks such as Spice Bites, Coco Fudge and Chia Chia. Her recipes are used in London eateries such as the Holborn Dining Rooms and Raw Press, and she regularly hosts supper clubs and Yoga Brunches.

Mira believes that Indian food doesn’t have to have connotations of heavy richness – it can be light, fresh and healthy. Read more about her recipes and events on her blogMiraManek.com

Also published on HuffingtonPost.com

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Facebook Releases Data on How Users in India Celebrate Diwali on the Platform [Infographic]


Facebook Releases Data on How Users in India Celebrate Diwali on the Platform [Infographic] | Social Media TodayWe’re approaching the festive season in India, with Diwali just around the corner, and one of the places the celebrations will be most evident is Facebook.

As noted in a new blog post on the Facebook for Business blog:

Emotions are heightened, News Feeds become a riot of color and everyone from parents to Millennials posts more content on Facebook throughout festival season.”

To help marketers capitalize on opportunities presented in the party season, Facebook has released a new range of data on how Indian audiences use Facebook over Diwali, along with an infographic highlighting their findings. Their main points to consider are:

  • 92% of Indians on Facebook use Facebook on their mobile, and mobile uploads are 3.48X higher than desktop uploads during Diwali
  • There are 3X more videos and 1.5X more photos uploaded via mobile during Diwali than the days around the festival
  • Mentions of holiday destinations, hotels and transport shoot up just before Diwali and remain higher than usual throughout festival season as Indians make their way to see family and friends
  • Men are most interested in shopping online for gadgets and technology, while women compare notes about consumer goods. What to wear is a key topic of conversation on Facebook for both genders, as the pursuit of the perfect festival outfit begins

To capitalize on this, Facebook recommends marketers utilize visual content to match user behaviors, and ramp up their Facebook advertising efforts during the season to reach more receptive consumers.

Further insights are highlighted in the infographic below.

Facebook Releases Data on How Users in India Celebrate Diwali on the Platform [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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