Forgive Me for Diversifying Soshable Content


Hello friends, fans, contributors, enemies, unknown folks, and alpacas. After seven awesome years of focusing on social media pretty much solely, we’ve decided to expand the scope, posting frequency, and style of this site to include “important” news. While we’ll still be posting plenty about social media, marketing, and other important topics like these, it’s time to focus on more prevalent issues in the world.

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are plenty of sites out there that talk about the news and we’re not going to follow in the footsteps of sites like Mashable and Techcrunch that diversified for the sake of traffic. Call it a transition intended to bring attention to the things in this world that deserve it more than social media. We acknowledge that we will lose many faithful readers who have enjoyed the social media content over the years, but it’s time to bring more things to light.

This will NOT be a general news site. Again, you have plenty of choices for that. What we will bring to the table are perspectives. Those perspectives fall into three categories:

  1. Highlight News: There are things that happen every day in the world of politics, religion, technology, and pretty much everything else that could use a freshness in perspective. We don’t want to report the news. We want to take the important things and give them a fresh view that may bring to light some critical thinking and intelligent discourse.
  2. Automotive: From a purely business perspective, I own a company that focuses on the automotive industry. I’ve kept it very separate for a long time. Having this resource available allows me to bring the industry I love to light for others.
  3. Marketing: As I said, we’re still going to be posting much of the same content that we’ve always posted. We’re just going to mix in other things as well.

If you’ve read for a while, you’ll know that there were months when we posted every day and there were months when we barely posted at all. This is always following the ebb and flow of what time and resources we have available at any give moment. Now that we’re going to be diversifying, it will give me an excuse to always post daily and to keep it fresh and inviting.

As I said, I know that some of you will leave the blog as a result. Nobody wants to be constantly reminded about what’s happening in the real world. It’s one of the reasons that people turn to social media in the first place, to get away from those things that nag at them in life. I ask for your forgiveness ahead of time. I know that you’ll either leave forever or give it a chance. With that said, here’s the promise:

We will attempt to keep the site moving forward with everything we do. Social media was an incredible and tight little niche for us to explore. Now, we’re taking it further. It’s my hope that this will be both entertaining and enlightening for all of our readers. I look forward to exploring this new direction with you going forward. God Bless!