The US IPO markets are so dismal that Deezer looks interesting


The sluggish IPO market this year is looking more like the drought afflicting California: Just when you start to adjust to the new reality, things get even drier.

Last year, 55 technology companies listed IPOs on US exchanges to raise an aggregate $ 32 billion, according to Renaissance Capital. In the first half of 2015, only 14 IPOs braved the market, raising a total of $ 2.6 billion. 

That sparked a lot of talk about how private tech companies are shunning the burdens of trading in the public markets in favor of so-called private IPOs, massive private rounds that include many of the big investors who in previous cycles participated in big tech IPOs. But as we approach the end of the third quarter, only one tech company has gone public, bringing the total to 15. That means tech IPOs so far this year make up only 11 percent of the total, the lowest ratio since 2008…

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Pro gamers are being held back by Australia’s dismal Internet




In early August, an American team of professional gamers made headlines when they won themselves a US$ 6.6 million prize playing the online video game Dota 2. The money in esports is increasingly eye watering, but that doesn’t mean the bounty is being shared globally.

In Australia, the esport scene is younger than in the U.S. and Asia, but slow Internet speeds are not doing it any favours. Not only is the country’s digital infrastructure not up to the task of allowing the pros to game uninterrupted, its slow upload speeds are stymying the ability of some players to make a living off their skills on live streaming platform, Twitch. Read more…

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