Festive feasts – the best Christmas dishes to enjoy


There’s nothing we like more than a festively-themed snack – it makes the lead up to Christmas even more enjoyable. The spirit of the season practically demands that December be spent in a mild food coma, moving from mince pie to figgy pudding to pigs in blankets. And now you can honour St Nicholas even more by seeking out these specially created specials that have our bells (and bellys) jingling already.

The Burger – from BRGR.CO

We’re huge fans of BRGR.CO, simply because chowing down on their burgers doesn’t make us spiral into food guilt. Whether enjoying their original Blade Steak BRGR, or upgrading to a Hanger Steak or Rump Steak patty, you know that the meat is from grass-fed cattle supplied by one of Scotland’s finest butchers. So it’s kind of like having premium steak, minced and served between two pillowy brioche buns. What could ever be wrong with that?

During December BRGR.CO are serving up their sublimely stacked special – a delicious Venison BRGR with Stilton, Caramelised Onions, Chestnut and Redcurrant, which can be enjoyed alone or as part of a Festive Feast (served with fries, and tea or coffee plus a mini mince pie for only £15). We also love the sound of their Gingerbread Milkshake which, with an added shot of bourbon, could make for one very merry meal.


The Hotdog – from Top Dog

Why we haven’t heard of this idea before – or, indeed, tried to create it ourselves at home – is kind of baffling to us. But during December why not treat yourself to a GIANT PIG IN A BLANKET?! Those mad geniuses at Top Dog are presenting a Christmas Dog in a Blanket – artisanal hand-selected, free-range smoked pork dog wrapped in bacon and smothered with crispy shallots, pan-fried sage and cranberry sauce. We’re pretty sure we could gobble this down in a matter of minutes. Better order a couple then…


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 15.45.44

The Toastie – from Melt Room

Everybody loves a Christmas sandwich – scouting down the options and comparing your favourite varieties with mates is as obligatory as eating too many advent calendar chocolates when you’re hungover. This December, New York-style grilled cheese sandwich shop in Soho, Melt Room, is throwing their offering into the ring – a gourmet American-inspired Christmas Melt to warm your cockles and upload to Instagram with the hashtag #FoodPorn. Their Christmas toastie wraps all your Turkey dinner dreams into one, with roast turkey, stuffing, swiss cheese, cranberry sauce, and rosemary all melted between two slices of delicious potato sourdough bread. Xmas dinner with added cheese? It seems Santa did read our wish list this year…


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 15.53.42

The Sandwich – from Paul

Speaking of sandwiches – artisan bakery Paul are getting in on the action with a baguette that’s groaning with more goodies than Santa’s sack.  Their limited edition Dinde de Noël is available until Christmas Eve, and is bursting with our favourite festive flavours. The artisan cranberry baguette is loaded with succulent sliced turkey, crisp lettuce, rich cream cheese and horseradish sauce – so if you have to eat lunch Al Desko, or are grabbing something tasty on the go, you can still get into the seasonal swing of things.


Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 15.56.50

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Make Dishes Fresh and Sparkly with a Lemon Wedge In the Dishwasher


Make Dishes Fresh and Sparkly with a Lemon Wedge In the Dishwasher

Lemons have the power to remove rust from your knives and de-stink your garbage disposal, but they can also make a whole load of dishes smell great and shine like they’re brand new.

It’s not a secret that lemon juice combats odor and gets stuff clean, but Cambria Bold at The Kitchn found a way to easily harness that power. Every time you do a load of dishes in your dishwasher, stick a lemon wedge up in the top rack on a skewer or in your cutlery department. After a normal wash, you’ll get a faint lemon scent and the tiny bit of citric acid left in the wedge will make everything look spotless. You can even do this with a used lemon wedge if you have any left over from cooking or other tasks. Don’t throw those leftover wedges out, throw them in the dishwasher.

A Genius Cleaning Tip | The Kitchn

Photo by Cambria Bold.