Clean Your Bird Feeder or Bath Weekly to Avoid Pests and Disease


Clean Your Bird Feeder or Bath Weekly to Avoid Pests and Disease

If you’ve turned your backyard into a welcoming spot for birds with a bird feeder or birdbath, make sure you clean it each week. Doing so keeps the birds happy and healthy, reduces the spread of disease, and keeps insects and other pests from finding a place to brood.…

The heat and humidity of summer can increase how easily your feeder gets swamped with mold or bacteria. Once you empty your feeder of leftover seeds or nectar, soak it in diluted bleach solution for a few minutes. Scrub and thoroughly rinse the feeder, and give it time to dry thoroughly before you put it back up. Make sure you also clean up any spilled seeds, shells, and bird droppings from the ground around your feeder.

If you have a birdbath, you should clean that every week as well. You’ll make sure the water doesn’t get stagnant and dirty, so it won’t contribute to the spread of disease or give insects a place to set up shop. Spending just a few minutes each week cleaning your feeder and bath ensures that feathered visitors to your yard will be healthy and happy.


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This Test Can Tell If You’re Going to Get Alzheimer’s Disease




In a breakthrough for Alzheimer’s research, scientists have created a blood test that can accurately predict whether someone will develop the degenerative disease.

The blood test can identify 10 types of lipids, or fats, that apparently precede Alzheimer’s disease by up to three years. The test –– likely to be inexpensive if it hits the market — could identify those at risk before they develop symptoms. It will be available in as little as two years.

The researchers, from the University of Rochester, Georgetown University and UC Irvine, believe this test can help people start treatment options at the beginning or onset of the disease, rather than years into the process Read more…

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