To Infinity and Beyond: The Social Shake-Up Discount Ends at Midnight


When it comes to annual conferences, we know it’s a zero-sum game, because no one has an endless budget of time or money. That’s why we’ve compiled some compelling reasons we think The Social Shake-Up is the marketing conference where you’ll get the most bang for your proverbial buck. Read on, and then take a minute to register for The Social Shake-Up today, before our super steep discount goes the way of Ello: over $ 400 in savings disappear at midnight.


Why You Can’t Miss the Social Shake-Up

We go way beyond social media 101. Anyone expecting panels on “How to get more Twitter followers!” or “How to start a company blog” should look elsewhere. The Shake-Up is about next-level tactics and strategies that will catapult your company to the vanguard of social business.

Despite the name, we’re about so much more than social. The Shake-Up is about marketing. It’s about data and analytics. It’s about mobile, social listening, content marketing, employee advocacy, customer service, online community, and even more. See for yourself by checking out our incredible agenda of panels and presentations.

Leave your nunchuks and Stratocasters at home: there won’t be any so-called “ninjas” or “rockstars” taking the stage. Our line-up of speakers includes true experts from leading brands like Coca-Cola, Facebook, Arby’s, Bank of America, GE, Tyson Foods, Hilton, Whole Foods, Cox Media Group, Scripps Networks and many more. The only self-proclaimed “social media gurus” you’re going to see will be in the audience, along with everyone else who wants to learn from the best.

You know real-time data is important, but do you know how to wield it? Speakers from Siemens and FedEx will teach you how to leverage your real-time data for a marketing plan that keeps pace with customers who are connected 24/7.

Learn how to get social buy-in from your C-suite. Still struggling with reluctant higher-ups? Come at them with stats and figures straight from Forrester’s VP and Principal Analyst, Nate Elliott, whose talk is titled “Why Your Boss Doesn’t Like Social and What You Can Do to Change That.”

The customer is still king…and he’s got more power than ever to give you the axe. In this age of the social customer, you must be aware of customer perceptions and experience or pay the price. Don’t miss Discover’s Dan Gingiss – recently named a top brand influencer by Leadtail & Purematter – who will discuss the impact of social media on CX.

Killer keynotes. George Takei. Twitter. NASA. TechShop. Need we say more?

Network over Southern cooking and great drinks. We’ve heard countless times that another element that puts The Social Shake-Up above and beyond is, well, you. You’ll enjoy a collegial, warm atmosphere, a safe space where you can talk frankly with colleagues and social business leaders about what’s really going on in the industry: the struggles you’re having, the challenges you’ve overcome, the successes you’ve enjoyed. All over the best fried chicken and cocktails this side of the Mississippi.

To sum up, the Social Shake-Up is the only marketing conference where you’re going to see top brands having real and relevant conversations about the future of social business — conversations you won’t be able to sit in on anywhere else. You’re going to learn all about cutting-edge business strategies, state-of-the-art technology, social trends and so much more. So please don’t wait. Click here to take advantage of over $ 400 in savings on your pass before midnight tonight!

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Uber partners with Capital One to give cardholders a discount and hook them on ride-hailing



Capital One will give cardholders a 20 percent credit towards the cost of using Uber’s ride-hailing service until April 2016, and cover the cost of new users’ first two rides until the end of June 2015, according to a Bloomberg Business report.

The partnership is the latest of Uber’s efforts to combat the idea that its service is too expensive for the average consumer. The most obvious of those efforts is the attention paid to UberX, UberTaxi, and the ride-sharing UberPool service.

All of those services are cheaper than the original Uber service, which provides the traditional black car experience. UberX allows drivers to use other vehicles, UberTaxi hijacks the existing taxi infrastructure, and UberPool makes it easier for consumers to pool resources and split the cost of a ride amongst themselves.

Yet the company has also attempted to shift the costs of its service to people other than its users. That’s why it created Uber for Business, a service that allows businesses to pay for employees’ rides, after some businesses reported that many employees were charging rides to their expense accounts anyway.

Now it’s passed the costs of its rides on to Capital One. In return, the credit card company will be able to advertise the partnership, which might convince people to sign up for its card instead of the competition’s. It’s like earning “points” for purchasing airline fare or staple products — like groceries, food, and gas — but applied to Uber’s service.

And, of course, the timed nature of the deal could allow both companies to lock-in their customers. The ride-hailing habit is hard to break, and once you start using a credit card for one thing, it’s hard not to use it for everything else, too.

Capital One attaches itself to the ride-hailing hype train. (Does that metaphor work if it’s applied to another type of vehicle? Whatever.) Uber convinces its users to take more rides, since a portion of them are on someone else’s dime. And consumers are shuffled around their cities for a lower cost than usual.

If only there weren’t serious concerns about the safety of those rides, Uber’s attitude towards women, and the willingness its new security chief previously displayed when it came to handing over information to law enforcement. Otherwise this deal might actually seem tempting, at least until April 2016.

[illustration by Brad Jonas]