REPORT: Foreclosed? Facebook Disbands Home Team


NewHomeLockScreen650In February, Facebook Director of Engineering Jocelyn Goldfein said the social network was not scrapping its sputtering Home Android overlay, but a lot has apparently changed in four months, as The New York TimesBits blog reported that the team of engineers that had been working on Home has been disbanded.

Two sources familiar with the situation shared the developments with Bits, which added that Joey Flynn, who had been the lead designer for Home, shifted to the social network’s new Slingshot application, while former Home Product Director Adam Mosseri is focusing on other mobile initiatives.

Goldfein told VentureBeat in February:

We’re learning a lot. We’re still very bullish on Home. We’re not done with Home. I think part of the problem is launching with such fanfare at (version) 1.0. No startup launching at 1.0 would get that much coverage.

I think it takes time when you’re building something genuinely new and disruptive … it takes time to get it right. I think we did a really good job with the polish, which is part of why I think it got such almost fawning coverage at the outset. But I don’t know that we made it valuable to users from the outset.

In my experience — I’ve been a startup founder and worked on many 1.0 products in my career — 1.0 is the product where you are searching for that value proposition. We’re patient; we’re prepared to give it time. We’re believers in Home; we believe it’s going to be valuable for users. But it’s on us to cause that to happen.

Gartner Group Research Director Brian Blau told Bits:

It wasn’t the right product at the right time for their customers. Facebook always thought they could turn things around, but they haven’t, for whatever reason.

Readers: Have you ever used, or do you still use, Home?