Cannes review: Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘Youth’ dazzles but ultimately disappoints




CANNES, France — If you are going to ruminate on the melancholy nature of mortality, you might as well go do it in style.

Youth, Paolo Sorrentino’s follow-up to his Best Foreign Language Oscar-winner The Great Beauty, is one of the more gorgeous films you are likely to see this year, and it looked particularly fabulous projected in the Cannes Film Festival’s Grand Théâtre Lumière, with its plush seats and state of the art sound system.

However, with a movie like this the dazzling effect is a lot like being wowed by a hotel lobby before the disappointment of seeing your room. There’s a sheen to every single frame of this movie – in which Michael Caine dresses in a five thousand dollar suit to have breakfast – that can’t hide the fact that philosophical strolls to Mark Kozelek compositions only get you so far with unrealistic characters and half-baked conflicts. Fox Searchlight has bought the rights for a go at awards season, but frankly I’m skeptical. Read more…

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