Our Responses to Your 10 Personal Social Media Questions and Dilemmas

Posted by Chelsea Hejny on 19 Dec 2014 / 0 Comment

For Wednesday’s blog post, we shared our response to a social media question one of our November giveaway entrants submitted.

We had several other great questions we thought our readers would find informative, so we went ahead and answered a handful of them in today’s blog post. Let’s get to ‘em! 

1. How do I do it all with such little time and make it count?

The truth is, when you’re one person it’s tough! We have a team of people at ShortStack who manage all our social media and content marketing efforts. What we’ve found works best is having one team member be in charge of managing one or two social networks. Sara, for example, manages our Facebook page and Dana manages our Twitter account. We all share interesting content with each other whenever we find it.

Along the way, we’ve learned a lot as a team on how to be more efficient at our jobs. For a glimpse into how we manage our accounts, check out these five resources we’ve written for our blog readers:

• PDF: Ninja-Style Facebook Management: Get More Done in Less Time

• Facebook in 11 Minutes a Day

• Twitter in 12 Minutes a Day

• Instagram in 10 Minutes a Day

• LinkedIn in 12 Minutes a Day  

2. What social media platforms are the most effective for our type of business?

Deciding which social media platforms your business should be on depends on your business’s personality. Each social network has a personality, and each business has a personality, too.

My advice is that your business be on the social networks that align with your business’s personality.

Since this question came from a gym owner/manager, I recommend you start making the most of Instagram. Instagram hosts a huge audience of fitness fans. And the beauty of the social platform is that the content you create and share on it can also be shared on your other social media networks.

Not sure what type of Instagram content will benefit your gym? Here are a couple ideas:

• Video tutorials on how to use/make the most of your gym’s equipment. This type of content is great for attracting new gym members who might be intimidated by all that you offer.

Short trailer-type videos of the workout classes your gym has. The more highly produced they are, the more people you’ll be able to sell on your classes!

• Photos of your gym members’ fitness progress. Before and after photos are one excellent way to inspire.

I recently listened to Amy Porterfield’s podcast featuring fitness guru Chalene Johnson. During the podcast, they give away some valuable lead-generation tips for Instagram, and even share a couple good examples of fitness Instagram accounts. Check out the podcast here!

3. How do I get more customers to start to call me?

First, you need to give your customers a good reason to call you, then you need make sure you’re sharing your contact information with as many people as possible.

Here are a couple good reasons a person would consider picking up the phone to call your or your business:

• You’re an expert in something they’re not and they want to talk to you

• For a special rate on X, exclusive only to those who give your business a call

• For live one-on-one support with a human (this is rare these days!)

So that leads us to: How do you not only share your contact information with as many people as possible, but more important,  how do you share your contact information with as many high-qualified leads as possible? This part takes more work.

The goal: Establish yourself, or your business, as a pro in your field. You can do this by sharing your expert knowledge freely.

A good example of a person who does this brilliantly is Brian Dean of Backlinko. He contributes to forums, leaves comments on blogs where he knows his ideal customers hangout and blogs about what he knows best: SEO.

You can use similar tactics to get your company’s name out there, which should attract more callers and customers.

4. How can I sell more tickets to our new music festival?

First, we have to give a shout out to the person who submitted this question. It comes from Blume Bauer, one of our most engaged Facebook followers! Thanks, Blume! Now to answer your question …

To sell more tickets to your music festival, the best approach is to start by creating a ton of awareness for your festival. Because, as you know, if no one knows it’s happening, you’re never going to sell a single ticket.

So how do you create a lot awareness for an event without dropping thousands on ads and promotional materials? We recommend a giveaway!

Blume, you can use ShortStack to create an amazing Campaign for your music festival. On it, have photos that really sell the experience of your festival, information on your festival’s hottest attractions, “Learn More” and “Purchase Ticket” buttons that link to back to your website, and, of course, the thing that will lead people to your Campaign, a ticket giveaway promotion form.

Best of all, when folks enter with their name and contact information for a chance to win a free ticket to your festival, you’ll have the means to contact them directly when your festival, or a similar event you host, happens again.

5. What are your recommendations for driving direct sales through social media?

Social media can drive direct sales, if your business’s messaging is clear and concise. Meaning, when a person discovers a message and/or offer through one of your social media channels, the link you share for users to learn more should redirect them to a web page that has a focused path for users to take.

So if your goal is to drive sales, the landing or opt-in page you direct people to from your social media channels should have bold call-to-action buttons, inspiring imagery and copy that supports your mission.

For two excellent examples of brands that have created social media campaigns that have lead to direct sales, check out this blog post.

6. If you had to choose only one social media platform to use, which would it be and why?

For the most part, I already address this question above with question #2. But, I’ll go a little bit deeper here.

Which social networks you choose to be on depends a lot on your business.

For instance, if you’re a hip new clothing brand, Instagram should be the platform you focus on. But, let’s say you’re a virtual assistant, you’d want to zone in on LinkedIn because that’s where you’ll find the time-strapped professionals you’re trying to attract.

That said, if I had to choose only one social media platform to use, I would pick Instagram. (I should note this is for me personally, not for ShortStack.)

Wow, I’m on an Instagram kick today!

While its search function is lacking, the simplicity of the app and emphasis on great creative (imagery) are two things attracting many, many people — and brands — to the platform. And in my opinion, the platform’s best days are still ahead.

7. What is the best way to promote an ongoing campaign geared towards building a mailchimp email list with birthdays for future auto-response discount coupons?

I recommend researching other companies that have set up similar birthday email lists and see how they like to promote their newsletter. Baskin Robbins, for example, has a “Birthday Club” email list they promote well on their website and frequently on their social media channels.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 1.04.21 PM

Beyond promoting your birthday newsletter on your website, you can also use more traditional marketing efforts to get the word out. Think in-store flyers and posters.

For more simple-to-implement promotion ideas, check out this blog post.

8. I’m looking for fresh competition ideas to cut through … Is there a video based competition solution available?

Yup! With ShortStack, you can create any type of video competition you’d like, including Instagram video competitions. Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app just hit 300 million monthly users! It’s an exciting platform to be on with a lot of potential, especially for brands.

To quickly design an Instagram video contest with ShortStack, you can use our “Instagram Video Vote Contest” template or  “Instagram Video Contest” template.

9. I’ve looked at ShortStack before, but I got a bit confused with it all so I would love a personal tutorial through it so I can consider how it would fit into our business in running future campaigns.

One of the best ways to learn about ShortStack and how our platform can help your business is to set up a free demo.

Setting up a demo is simple. Go to our demo page or email our go-to demo guy Adam at [email protected].

10. How can ShortStack help me minimize my time on social media, yet increase my reach and engagement?

While we don’t claim ShortStack can help you minimize your time on social media, our tool will help you reduce the time it takes to build engaging, mobile-ready Campaigns.

ShortStack has some killer share features, which allows you to create Campaigns that your users can easily share with their friends and followers. By making sharing simple, it prompts engagement and increases your Campaigns reach.

That’s it for this round of Q&As. We hope you all found it helpful, and as usual, if you have a question, be sure to leave it in the comment section below.