DataPoint: Diamond Digger Saga Sees Fast Initial Growth


King had a rough Q1 earnings call earlier today, with its stock dropping 13.38 percent to $ 16.25 by the end of the trading day. Even though the social gaming company beat the Street with higher-than-expected revenue and earnings per share, a decline in unique payers had investors worried.

The developer’s latest game, however, is seeing fast growth on the Facebook platform. Diamond Digger Saga launched last week, and has been topping AppData’s monthly active user (MAU) leaderboard for the past several days:

Diamond Digger’s initial growth has outpaced that of Candy Crush by a long shot. It already has over three times the number of MAUs one week after launch than Candy Crush did. Here’s Candy Crush’s MAU growth the week of its launch: [click to enlarge]

And here’s Diamond Digger’s MAU growth, the week of its launch: [click to enlarge]

What do you think: Will Diamond Digger keep up its initial success?

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Clean Your Watch’s Face With Diamond Polishing Compound


Clean Your Watch's Face With Diamond Polishing Compound

The glass on a wristwatch can become cloudy and scratched-up with usage over the years. An easy fix for this is to buy diamond polishing compound and clean it up yourself, as this guide on Imgur shows.

The guide uses 0.25 micron and 3 micron diamond polishing compound, but you can get a set of 1, 3 and 6 micron on Amazon for $ 26. You’ll need to apply the compound for a good two hours, so make sure you have the time.

DIY Watch Repair | Imgur