FICTION: The Devil You Know (Chapter Five)


Stellar had seen better days.

When they found him, he was sitting legs outstretched and back to the wall, his face scrunched into the opiate addict’s grimace, and his eyes half-opened.

“Stellar?” Samantha said.

“Hey…. You.”

“This guy’s done,” Ryan said under his breath.

“Done?” Stellar said and in less than a second was standing and flattening the ruffles in his sport coat. “Children, the night is young.” He eyed Samantha, not leeringly but almost sweetly and admiring. “And where did this one run off to?”

Samantha steeled herself for the ruse. “Well… I was talking to a man and he gave me a small, white pill. And it felt good and all, but i just felt like being alone you know?”

“I understand. To each trip her own. No judgment or pressure will be placed upon you for how you choose to experience your pleasure.” (Was the naked woman down the hall afforded the same luxury, Samantha wondered?) “I hope you that the solitude served you well and that you are ready to rejoin the party?”

“Well, to be honest, none of this is quite my scene. Could we go somewhere, you know, more private?”

“Why, yes, there are plenty of unoccupied rooms all around us that offer various forms of escape.”

“But there are no locks. People come and go as they please.”

“Such is hedonism…”

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Devil Baby Will Haunt New Yorkers’ Dreams




Warning: Devil baby in above video actually will haunt your dreams.

A hilarious (and disturbing) remote-controlled “Devil Baby” took to the streets of NYC in a viral marketing campaign for upcoming horror movie Devil’s Due. The movie is slated to debut this Friday, Jan. 17

The YouTube video shows a pint-sized demon child roaming the streets of New York in a carriage, seemingly by itself. When concerned citizens approach the carriage, the robot-baby look-alike jumps up and lets out a blood curdling scream that’s fitting for any horror movie. The ultra-realistic child also chases people down the street, projectile vomits, and flips off the police. The reactions are priceless, though, as with any viral video, there’s a good chance that they’re also staged. Read more…

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