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How to Find an App Developer Who Can Handle Your Project

How to Find an App Developer Who Can Handle Your Project

How to Find an App Developer Who Can Handle Your Project


You may know your business inside out, you may understand all that there is to understand about your industry and you may even have the perfect idea and vision for an application that is going to help you connect with your target market more successfully than ever before.

However few hold sufficient understanding of application development to have even a relative modicum of confidence that they can find an app developer who is guaranteed to deliver the goods.

apple-airdropSo in this blog article we explain in straight up, jargon free language how to find an app developer, (even for the seriously IT adverse and technologically challenged).

Begin with a well-defined brief and as finely honed an idea as possible

First and foremost it’s vital that your brief is as well-structured and as developed as possible (without so much detail that it’s at a stage that it can’t be shaped by a professional’s input).

This will help developers from the very beginning in appreciating the scope of the project, which will serve to ensure accurate quotes, timescales and developers that can confirm that they are suited to the project and able to complete the application.

Weighing up the choice between freelance application developer and application developer company

The freelancer market is staggeringly large, spanning the world over and numbering more application developers than it’s possible to count. Equally however there today exists an expansive number of application development companies, where there are businesses found for every industry niche.

Facebook-Twitter-apps-on-mobile-phone-jpgSo the question is how you choose between the two. The answer to which will largely depend upon the following factors:

  • The size of the project – If the application is to be a large, enterprise wide application, for example, then you’ll likely need to choose a company with a development team.
  • The timescales of the project – If you’re working to strict deadlines then you’ll likely need to opt for a team of developers who can develop the applications more swiftly.
  • The application itself and whether it’s particularly niche – Industry leading specialists may be found in either the freelance or company realm.

These questions will give you a clearer idea.

Never base your choice on price alone

Prior to even beginning the shortlisting of candidates it’s vital that you appreciate that price alone should not be the deciding factor. An application should be thought of as an asset to your business, and an asset that should serve your company for the years to come. It needs to be well designed, both aesthetically and code wise, and it must stand up to the pressures of performing even under the demands of heavy usage.

Validate tall claims with testimonials, research reviews  and talking with past clients directly

In an online world of experts you need to validate a freelancer’s or company’s proclaims to solid application development. So read through testimonials, research past client reviews through Google by tapping in the company or freelancer name + ‘reviews’ and get in touch with previous clients directly (if necessary). Checkout this great interview for an idea of the process.

Research the company’s or freelancer’s portfolio

Any company or freelancer worth their salt will have a portfolio to advertise the best of their work, so be sure to spend time researching this, paying particular attention to any applications that may be similar to your own. Here are some tips on how to choose a developer.

Once you’ve whittled down your shortlist ask for a detailed plan of milestones for the project’s development

Being certain that the freelancer or company in question can truly handle a project of your size may be judged upon the plan that is submitted for milestones and the key points for progression.

One benefit of gaining such proposals from numerous developers is that you can compare and contrast between them, and the ones where overly ambitious deadlines have been stated will stand out a mile (which, needless to say, are the ones that you should remove from your short list!).

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The Harvard developer who Jeff Hammerbacher says was better than Mark Zuckerberg


Hammerbacher_MG_5468_sponsor-webOne little nugget that almost got lost in our longer interview with Facebook’s former “data god” and Cloudera co-founder Jeff Hammerbacher was about his early days coding at Harvard with Mark Zuckerberg. Back in those days he says he knew Zuckerberg’s code better than he actually knew him as a person. Spoiler: Hammerbacher wasn’t too impressed with it, but in fairness Zuckerberg was distracted building Facebook at the time.

They were in a five-person survey and, says Hammerbacher, it wasn’t Zuckerberg or  himself who stood out as coding geniuses. It was a dude named Lukasz Strozek who was so good he actually helped fix Zuck’s work.

Today, according to LinkedIn, Strozek is the head of product and technology at Expedite and a co-founder of Earshot Technologies. (I dropped Expedite’s Strozek a note and he confirmed he’s the same guy.)

Says Hammerbacher of Strozek’s startup, which he admitted on stage he knows nothing about: “Man I really wish I could have invested in that. If you could have picked someone from that five person group to be the real standout I would have put all my money on him.”

(Watch the entire interview here.)