7 Green Detox Smoothies To Try This Summer


With the weather getting hotter and hotter, it’s not surprising that the craze of juicing is back and this time it’s here to stay. Of all juices, Green Juices stand out as the leader of the pack. They are a firm favourite of celebrity A listers in Los Angeles and now they can be found popping up all over the capital, in some of our favourite healthy eateries. Hydrating and nourishing here is our selection of some of the best Green Juice Recipes online.

Mira Manek – Coco Green

With a coconut water base and lots of cucumber, this smoothie is hydrating and reviving, and favoured with a delicious vanilla protein blend.

Orange Kale Protein Green Juice Recipe

orange kale
Fresh orange and spirulina give this juice an extra bout of vitamin C and green power.

Madeline Shaw – The Best green juice Recipe

Simple, light and with a kick of immunity boosting ginger, a great one for those who need a quick pick-me-up.

Wonky wonderful – Mojito Smoothie

A playful twist on the cocktail classic but without all the bad stuff.

Kitchen Treaty – Vanilla Lime Green Smoothie

An interesting mix of sweet and savory in one nutritious blend.

52 Kitchen Adventures – Tropical Green Smoothie

Another interesting twist on the traditional green smoothie formula, the inclusion of the tropical fruit makes this the perfect summer beverage.

Raw Family – Green For Life Smoothie

A vitalizing green smoothie for a quick and healthy energy boost.

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