Skydiving Darth Vader deployed to win UK holiday shopping season




Proving that both early Christmas hype and Star Wars mania are officially out of control, UK retailer Argos has posted an epic commercial video that features a skydiving Darth Vader

And yes, Vader comes swooping out of the heavens with a lightsaber in hand, flanked on both sides by stormtroopers. The rest of the commercial is just the company showing off flatscreen televisions and fitness trackers, so if you want to skip to the good part go to the 50-second mark

Is this what the next couple of months will be like? Star Wars references popping up in nearly every corner of life until the new film is finally released? Read more…

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Grasket App Helps Deployed Troops Share Wish Lists With Loved Ones Overseas


A new online app aims to help deployed troops send wish lists to friends and family overseas.

Grasket describes itself as a “modern-day care package creation tool.”

Targeted to deployed soldiers, sailors and airmen, users sign up for the service with their military-linked Facebook accounts or email addresses. They then place items that are sold online from any website into their “grasket,” and share the list over Twitter, Facebook or email. To see the process in detail, check out the video above.

“We…make it easy for others to purchase the things that you have earmarked,” creator Tim Fisher said in a Q&A.

Fisher, who served in the United States Army, developed Grasket as a…
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