Dennis Miller and Adam Carolla Launch New Podcast


by  David Jackson – NMX Director of Podcasting

Adam Carolla Dennis Miller

A new podcast with two comedic legends launched this week: PO’d Cast with Dennis Miller and Adam Carolla.

In the episode entitled “Welcome,” Dennis explains how he got his start in comedy, while Adam discusses being a dad to twins.

As a podcaster, what really appealed to me was hearing Dennis and Adam talk about the format of podcasting. Dennis revealed, “I talked to Larry Miller and asked him what it’s like and he said, You have to go in and know that you can’t map it all out and just start having a conversation. Then it clicks in that you don’t have to have everything all mapped out, and you’ll find it amazingly cathartic. This feels like what I use to pay a shrink $ 300 an hour for – except we’re getting paid.”

Adam said, ‘This medium is beautiful for people who want to communicate, people who want to share ideas, and people who want to talk. You won’t find this anywhere else. It’s not late night television; it’s not AM radio, it’s just NOT. It’s not that there is anything wrong with that. Their metronome is set at a much different pace, and it has to because of their format.

Look for both Adam Carolla and Dennis Miller at NMX. Adam is participating in a keynote with Podcast One’s Norm Pattiz, while Dennis is co-hosting the 10th Annual Podcast Awards with Emily Morse.

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Dennis Miller & Emily Morse to Host the 10th Annual Podcast Awards at NMX


NMX is pleased to announce Dennis Miller and Emily Morse as hosts for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards being held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino on Tuesday, April 14th starting at 6:30pm. The awards are attended by world renowned podcasters and other online influencers and fans.

This is a pairing that isn’t to be missed.

Dennis Miller

The King of Rants, Dennis Miller is a comedian, actor, nationally syndicated radio host, and podcaster.

Dennis rose to fame as a cast member of Saturday Night Live, a gig that led to talk show hosting opportunities on both television and radio. One of Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Standup Comedians of All Time, he’s best known for going off on ranty tangents about politics and pop culture, much to the delight of his fans

Catch Dennis’ podcast, Miller Time, on the Podcast One network, send him a Tweet at @DennisDMZ to let him know you’ll see him at the Podcast Awards.

Emily Morse

Emily Morse

Emily Morse is a noted sex and relationship expert, talk show host,  television personality, and long time podcaster.

Whether you know her from her podcast, her Bravo TV show Miss Advised, or frequent stints on Loveline Radio, you’re sure to agree Emily knows a thing or two about sex. In fact, Emily was voted the #1 dating and sex expert by and the #1 dating and sex expert to follow on Twitter. In fact, Emily attended the very first Podcast Expo and Podcast Awards 10 years ago!

Catch Emily’s podcast Sex With Emily on Podcast One, and don’t forget to reach out to her on Twitter at @SexWithEmily to let her know you’re looking forward to the Podcast Awards.

Nominations are now open for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards

The polls are open! Stop by the Podcast Awards website and to cast your vote for your favorite podcasts in niches such as Business, Comedy, Entertainment, and Education.

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