Enhance Your SEO Activity: Benefits Of A Content Delivery Network


Website owners constantly work towards covering all aspects to ensure top ranking of their page. One factor that largely influences search ranking is the site’s load time. Page load time is considered by Google as a ranking factor. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) help optimize page speed.

Enhance your SEO Activity Benefits of a Content Delivery Network

CDN aims at –

If you have a website and want to scale it up on search engine results, use a CDN. It is a system of servers that are allocated across the globe to deliver web content to users in different geographical locations. This network mainly aims at delivering huge amounts of content fast.

CDN process goes like this –

In a content delivery network, there are data centers at several geographical locations. When you use the system and a visitor opens your site, the content and files are offered by the closest data center to the user. This reduces any sort of delay and provides accurate information quickly. It uses content replication where content is copied on various servers in different regions.

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CDN is mainly useful for –

If expanding your business verticals to internet users in various parts of the world is your aim, then this network helps. It lets you reach out to web users anywhere in the world within a few seconds. The motive is to make your web page load as quickly as possible, immaterial of where the user is placed.

Benefits in terms of SEO are –

With CDN you can get higher speed and better quality of content delivery. If there is one thing you should include in your SEO strategy, it must be CDN. This mainly helps to better technical ranking factors for SEO.

To impress visitors across the globe, this system helps maintain identical versions of your website in diverse servers and locations.

It uses caching algorithms and canonical headers which avoids issues related to duplicate content creation.

Content Delivery Network makes the most recent and relevant content load first which makes it do this across every cached version of a site.

The chance of any attack on your site is very less as numerous servers are located in multiple geographical locations. This avoids your website from crashing as the load time is distributed among all servers.

The network is mainly beneficial for websites which have a lot of content and different content types. Even complicated sites that have users from various geographical locations can benefit from this network. It is bound to bring about an increase in load speed, leading to better search engine rankings.

You can achieve a fast loading website. This brings about a great user experience that is usually measurable by Google through numerous methods.

Quick load speed and better user experience results in higher page views, sales and increase in revenue.

Faster download times is what you achieve as a CDN is hosted closer to you and your readers. This quickens all transactions done on your website.

As a webmaster, using a CDN network will help you boost performance and also save a good amount of money. In this system, load is distributed leading to better performance. You can easily cut down on your hosting costs.

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What Happened When I Tried Blue Apron Meal Kit Delivery

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What Happened When I Tried Blue Apron Meal Kit Delivery

Meal kit delivery programs and subscription boxes are all the rage these days. So many of us are living busy lifestyles, but want to offer healthy, home cooked meals to our families. Meal kit delivery services offer the best of both worlds—meals that are prepped and ready for you to cook that take 30 minutes or less, and your family gets a chance to eat a well-balanced meal instead of opting for takeout.

With my travel schedule (and my loathing of grocery shopping), meal kits had me at hello. I’ve been wanting to try them for the longest, and finally settled on Blue Apron. They offer fresh ingredients and recipes that are new to us but not too crazy for my family to try. The promise of new recipes and no repeats also piqued my interest because we tend to get bored easily when it comes to food.

Once I received my first shipment of two dinners complete with pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step instructions, my daughter and I decided on the BBQ Roast Pork with Corn on the Cob, Potato Salad, and Quick Pickles. Everything was pre-measured and ready for me to get to cooking, and I wasted no time preparing our feast.

Blue Apron Review

Out of the box, I noticed that the ingredients were quality and featured organic items. That made me happy.

I began following the instructions with the roasted pork and prepared it first.

BBQ Roast Pork

The fresh ears of corn had me smiling, as I removed the husks and washed them, then cut them in thirds as instructed. Then it was onto the oven for them alongside the roast pork. So far, so good.

Then it was onto the pickles. Unfortunately, the cucumber I was sent was very small—not like what had been pictured, and not enough for a family meal. One strike.

Blue Apron Quick Pickles

Once I began the pickling process for the cucumbers, I focused on the potato salad. In this instance, there were plenty of potatoes, but not enough sour cream for the “sauce”. It was hard to coat all of them, and my potatoes didn’t end up like the ones in the photo.

Blue Apron Potato Salad

The meal itself took about 45 minutes from start to finish and came out rather well. My daughter didn’t care for the pork too much, but enjoyed the veggies.

Blue Apron Roast Pork

Blue Apron Meal

I like the concept of having a meal kit and taking the guess work out of what to cook every night, but I feel as though there wasn’t enough of some of the items to make it a full meal for a family. So I am on the fence about continuing with another week because at $ 69.92 for two meals, not having enough to go around isn’t worth it.

So, in terms of my overall thoughts about Blue Apron, here it goes:

Pros: Convenient, fresh organic ingredients, interesting recipes that are simple to follow.

Cons: Pricey, and short of some of the items included in the “family” plan. Some of the recipes may not be likable for developing palates.

Also, because Blue Apron is delivered to your home and has fresh ingredients and meats, if you aren’t home all day, this could cause a problem since everything needs to be refrigerated (for the most part).

What happened when I tried Blue Apron Meal Kit Delivery? The verdict is still out on this one, and since I have another meal waiting, I will give it another shot.

The Cubicle Chick