This Handy-Dandy Tool Delivers Emails to Your Inbox In Batches at the Times You Set


Checking your email is a project in itself. Many of us are forced to block out chunks of our day to focus solely on email. Checking, responding, organizing, archiving, and the complexities go on. You might be familiar with scheduling the emails you send, but you might not know about scheduling emails that you receive.

A new tool surfaced on Product Hunt called BatchedInbox, and here’s how it works, and why it might be your email and productivity superhero. Instead of checking your inbox sporadically throughout the day, BatchedInbox allows you to only receive emails at chosen times each day.

  1. Your incoming email will be diverted to a Gmail label by creating a filter in Gmail settings.
  2. At times you specify (hourly or at specific times) we’ll move those emails to your Inbox.
  3. You can always peek ahead; undelivered emails will just be in the BatchedInbox label in your Gmail.
  4. You can temporarily or permanently disable batching of your email at any time.

BatchedInbox works for Gmail users, and there are several options to customize your inbox, such as creating a filter for specific individuals’ emails to appear immediately, rather than get lumped into the pre-set batch. You can also peak ahead if you’re extra curious by simply checking the BatchedInbox label in your Gmail.

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