Here’s our exclusive edit of the best luxury food deliveries around London and Greater London. You’ll no longer be starving at home, (we’re assuming you have a completely empty fridge and no will-power to move), or have to silence your inner gastronome. We’ve got a wide cuisine selection from Oriental and Indian to the best in mouth-watering Mexican. 

Pronto Paratha


Have you ever found a place that can guarantee gastronomical delight from a delivery? Pronto Paratha specialise in parathas, an Indian  recipe of soft dough rolled out and doubled over with various fillings. Whether you’re looking for traditional potato and cauliflower parathas or something more adventurous like chicken tikka and mince lamb, Pronto Paratha have managed to cook-up a feast and deliver it piping hot to your door.

Eden Express

Eden Express

Not only is Eden Express a catering company but this exceptional business delivers straight to your door. This door-to-door express delivery service has been making the rounds for more than 15 year. This Waterloo-based service will directly bring food right to your door, even your workplace! If you want freshly prepared sandwiches then Eden is the place you need to know about!

BOE Magazine


Uber Tests ‘Corner Store’ For Deliveries




Uber is dabbling with e-commerce with a test offering called Corner Store in Washington, D.C., that lets you order diapers, toothpaste allergy medicine and more than 100 other items and have them delivered by Uber drivers.

The experiment, starting Tuesday, is slated to last a few weeks “but the more you love it, the more likely it will last,” the company wrote in a blog post. At the moment, the program is only available in the Washington, D.C. area

To order, toggle to the Corner Store option on Uber’s app. “If a driver is available, we’ll shoot you a text message with a link to the items available for purchase,” the blog post continues. There’s no delivery fee Read more…

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