Content Management: A Delicate Balance for Site Owners


It’s a story as old as social networks themselves. Social sites begin to gain steam and the influx of user generated content becomes difficult for moderation teams to manage. Site owners who don’t already have strict policies in place are then faced with a choice. Should they modify their terms of service in an effort to protect their brand and their community from potentially harmful content, or leave things as they are? This delicate question, which is directly related to issues of online privacy and censorship, has been hotly debated in recent media reports.

In the past month, a handful of popular social networking sites have made headlines for modifying their policies related to adult content.  At the end of February, Google announced that they would be banning sexually explicit content from Blogger. After receiving backlash from several long-time community members about the change, which would have required many users to delete past content, the Google team chose to rescind the ban a few days later. Instead, their focus has shifted to identifying and removing commercial pornography sites hosted within the Blogger platform.

Social sharing giant Reddit has also been in the news for its recent policy changes. The popular site has been a user-focused and user-managed community since its inception, but last year it came under fire when hackers started a sub-reddit to disseminate leaked photos of celebrities. In response to that issue as well as other instances of privacy violation and pornography, the Reddit team is making some changes. They’ve cracked down on photo trading, a popular practice among some community members. Under the new Reddit policy, sexually explicit photos or videos which haven’t been posted with the prior consent of the subjects will be removed from the site.

The recent problems aren’t unique to Blogger and Reddit either. Popular social applications SnapChat and WhatsApp have also been in the spotlight for issues related to inappropriate content. Sex workers have been using SnapChat to share explicit photos in exchange for payment, and WhatsApp was suspended by a judge in Brazil after the company failed to provide assistance with an alleged child pornography case.

Coming up with an effective solution to the problem of inappropriate user-generated content isn’t easy. On the one hand, site owners want to create a safe community for all users, including their youngest members. But on the other, there’s the issue of online censorship and the slippery slope of classifying what’s appropriate versus inappropriate. Where should site owners draw the line when it comes to content management? The answer remains unclear.

But one thing is certain. Moderation is important and necessary for sites that rely on user-generated content to thrive. While approaches vary, nearly all social networks have systems in place for classifying content. Blogger users self-regulate, labeling their own content as sexually explicit, which automatically brings up a warning page for others who visit their site. Reddit relies on volunteer moderators and a community review system to manage user submissions. Other sites employ a team of human moderators, while some use a combination of human and machine moderation tools like profanity filters or Image Analyzer software to reduce costs and screen content more quickly.

As social networks continue to grow and evolve, content moderation will remain an ever-present issue. Site owners will be forced to walk a fine line between effective community management and censorship.

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There’s a subtle luxury in the location of Linnea. You can find it tucked away on the corner of one of Kew’s quaint streets- hidden from sight as it melts into its background. If you’re walking there head-on it’s hard to miss, otherwise you’ll need a keener eye. You’ll be forgiven to think that this is a nondescript place to grab lunch, as unless you know about the restaurant and its interior you’ll be none the wiser.

On second sight (the beautifully designed interior), our minds were changed and the location seemed like the perfect place for a romantic and dimly lit gastronomical escape. We were happy that not just everyone and anyone came here- it is a much more exclusive and intimate experience.  If you’re wondering where the name Linnea comes from then worry no longer! It’s a national flower of Sweden and fits in well with its setting in Kew (eh hum, Kew Gardens…).


Join The Crowd
Linnea seems understated and simple from the outside, yet when seated you’ll find yourself in a soft, intimate and close to seductive atmosphere. This is the perfect place to take your other half for an intimate evening. If you want to spend it alone we recommend getting there early as the crowd makes its way closer to 7.30 in the evening. Make sure you take along someone you know very well, so the silences are comfortable rather than awkward.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask the waiter as he is extremely knowledgeable and can tell you about how each dish has been sourced and made. This also extends to the Michelin trained chef, Jonas Karlsson, who greeted us at the end and made sure our evening was well spent. Of course, his impeccable cooking aided in the overall great evening we had.


Scene It

The soft music being played in the background adds to the exclusivity and intimacy of the evening- especially as the waiting staff adjust the volume of their voices to the tranquil and hushed tone of the restaurant. Linnea is definitely a place to whisper sweet nothings and truly enjoy one another’s company.

It’s quite dark inside as the lights have been dimmed. Lanterns and candles bring soft lighting to this comfortable space, while the pillows add to the homely feel. We wish our living room and dining room combined was a bit like the sultry inside of Linnea. The candles added a rustic touch to the overall ambience of this aesthetically pleasing restaurant and set the perfect tone for the meal to begin.

linnea 2

Taste Of Europe

Linnea’s menu is extra special as it’s changed every month and adjusts to the season. The extremely helpful and efficient waiter told us that all of the options available to you are fresh and all of the food is made on site. Apart from the bread, but we don’t mind as we’re so in love with the olive bread that we’ll let that pass.

The minute we bit into the soft starter we knew we’d made the right choice. As Linnea only hosts a temporary menu the selection is specific but somehow the choice wasn’t made easier as everything sounded appealing. We went for the smooth Dingley dell pork and pistachio rilletes, toasted sour dough and crunchy gherkins (£6.50). We were treated to some specifics into the making of the starter and told that it is made especially in oil and stock, then pulled and seasoned, adding pistachio. To accompany this delicious starter we were recommended the Secua Sweet Chardonnay. Another option for the starter that we loved was the Cured Loch Duart salmon and potato pancakes with mustard and dill (8.50), which is extremely filling and you won’t be able to stop eating.

For mains we indulged in the Roast turkey with apricot and onion stuffing, chestnuts, beans and gravy (£17.50). This warmed us right up but the additional twist was the chestnut flavoured mash; for once, the sides had us entranced. The turkey was succulent and veered away from any dryness and complemented the South Australian red wine served to accompany it. Other main options were pan fried sea bream with prawns and mussels, wild mushroom risotto and a salmon and cod fish pie among another two options.

I can never resist something with a touch of chocolate and so for the dessert we went with the gooey Chocolate fondant with bay leaf icecream (£6). This is definitely not a choice to make after eating every single bite of your previous courses. Made of rich and thick chocolate, the first bite of the fondant was a well-needed hit for me (chocoholic alert).  Other delightful dessert options were Carrot and cinnamon cake, Pineapple and mango mess, homemade icecreams or sorbets, and a cheese trio with fig chutney.

Of course, now that it’s a new season there’s a new menu, but don’t let this deter you. If we’re going by the standards of our meal, you’ve got an appetising treat awaiting you in Kew.

12 Kew Green, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3BH
+44 20 8940 5696

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