“Delete” does not mean deleted. 4 Steps to protect your privacy


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New case studies demonstrate that “delete” does not mean deleted. Kerry Gorgone presents four steps to protect your privacy

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Instagram: How To Benefit Despite The Deleted Accounts


Many users have been affected during the past days from Instagram’s decision to eliminate spam accounts, in a way to clean up with the fake users.

However, this has not been welcomed well by Instagram users, since they suddenly lost a number of followers, with the number increasing for the most popular accounts. For example, Justin Bieber lost 3.5 million fans in just 24 hours, while Akon lost 1.5 million followers.

Many brands also noticed a decrease in their followers, currently trying to recover and keep up to their normal posting routine. Losing part of your audience is not pleasant, with some marketers sticking even more to the numbers, trying to recover.

The so-called Instagram Purge will be over soon, so it’s time to leave it behind, no matter how many followers you lost, and try to continue with your content plan. In fact, you can even benefit from this ‘spam-elimination’ phase in several ways:

1. Spring cleaning came earlier

We all need to keep it clean from time to time and Instagram needed to face spam sooner or later. Don’t see it as a drop, but rather as a way to keep what you really needed.

2. Don’t stick to the numbers

Just because you had your numbers increased by fake followers, doesn’t mean that it actually benefits you in any case. Numbers and stats are useless if you don’t know how to use them to take your accounts to the next level. Does an increased number of followers (even fake ones) lead to more sales? Bigger reach? More clicks?

3. Focus on engagement

Actually, it’s not the number of followers that counts, but rather the engagement that you have with them. Do you prefer 1000 fans with 0.5% engagement or 600 fans with 15% of engagement?

4. Find a way to gain new followers

Don’t worry about the fake followers that you lost, try to come up with new ideas on how to reach a wider audience and gain new followers. Focus on your content, try even harder and motivate yourself to reach again the number of followers you had some days ago, this time with actual followers though!

5. Be creative

Creativity is needed when you have to find new content that appeals to your users and your potential new followers. If you feel that you need to adjust your current content plan, then this might be the right occasion!

What else are you planning to do after the loss of followers on Instagram? Were you really affected?

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