Black Friday 2015: Home Goods And Holiday Decor Deals At JCPenney



JCPenney has revealed its large Black Friday ad for 2015 and its doorbusters. Here are some awesome deals and mail-in rebates on apparel, home goods, and holiday decor, courtesy of

In addition to the hundreds of items on sale, JCPenney is also offering the chance for in-store shoppers to win coupons up to $ 500. They will also be offering 10 $ 10,000 cash prizes for early shoppers.

Penney is asking for volunteers and said it will work around family schedules. Penney is also increasing the pay that day to double the hourly rate.

“We think we can get most of our stores staffed with volunteers,” said Mary Best West, Penney’s chief marketing officer. “Our employees are so dedicated and they want to win too.”

The pay increase is up from last year when Penney compensated store staff with time-and-half pay, West said.

JCPenney will open at 3:00pm on Thanksgiving and stores will remain open until 2:00pm on Black Friday. You can also shop online “all day on Thanksgiving” and receive free shipping when you spend $ 49 or more.

What do you think of the deals at JCPenney? Sound off below.

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What Does Your Cubicle Decor Say About You


shutterstock_241952767Maybe you don’t realize but just as your clothes and body language, your office cubicle decor says a lot about your personality. Since you spend around 40 hours a week in your cubicle, it is like your second home and therefore, it reflects your lifestyle and character. Believe it or not, your coworkers and bosses are looking at your cubicle and forming ideas about you in their minds. What do you think they think about you when they see your cubicle? Look at the workspace styles below and figure out your personality type.

The Blank and Bare Cubicle: A blank and bare cubicle means that you are either new in the office or not planning to stick around for a long time. If you are there for long enough but still your cubicle has no personal touches, your coworkers may also think that you are a boring person. However, some people are minimalists in their approach and don’t like to keep much stuff around unless it is functional to them. Thus, a cubicle with only essential office stuff may also indicate that you are a minimalist when it comes to décor. Moreover, some people like to separate their professional life from their business life and for this reason; they don’t like to add personal touches to their office space.

Fun Cubicle: If you have stuffed animals, movie posters, action figures in your cubicle, then you probably want to show your entertaining and fun personality to your coworkers. You may want to be perceived as the life of the party but there is also a risk that your coworkers may think you are too laid back and don’t take work seriously. Moreover, to have a workspace like Toys ‘R’ Us is very distracting. You need to find the right balance in order to give both a professional and a fun image to your coworkers.

The Post-It Notes Cubicle: In this type of style, generally there are color coded post-it notes all around the cubicle. This means you are either a workaholic or very overwhelmed with your job.  These post-its show others that you have a lot going on your plate or work in a chaotic fashion. The downside is that your coworkers may not want to approach you thinking they may disturb you, since you seem pretty busy. Therefore, socially you may be left out in the office. In this case, adding a personal touch such as a photo or a memorabilia from your last vacation will show you as a socially more approachable person. Also, photos and memorabilia are good conversation starters in the office.

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