Staff at Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project decided to abandon Holacracy nine months ago


“Listening to this, if I were one of those people [Tony Hsieh convinced to bring their family to Vegas], I’d be horrified. I’d be picking up the phone to my attorney.”

You’ll have to check that quote on the radio — it’s hard to take accurate notes during a shouting match, especially when you’re the one doing the shouting, and the other guy seemingly just admitted that his boss is a serial liar.

I was in San Francisco yesterday morning. At the other end of the line, in KNPR’s Las Vegas studio, was Mark Rowland, CEO of Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project Ventures.

Host Joe Schoenmann had invited me on his show to discuss my recent Pando article in which I described the craziness of the Downtown Project and Hsieh’s next plan: to ruin the careers of every employee at Zappos by implementing “Holacracy” — a management system which involves getting rid of all managers. 

Rowland, poor bastard, was tasked with defending Hsieh. His position: That anyone who believed a word his boss told them was a fucking idiot…

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