Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 moment was her biggest debate misstep




Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is under fire for invoking the memory of the Sept. 11 attacks to defend against charges from her rivals that she is too close to Wall Street bankers

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s main rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, called Clinton’s pledge to remain unswayed by her Wall Street donors “not good enough” during Saturday’s Democratic primary debate.

Sanders said Wall Street firms have been donating to Clinton in the hopes of friendly policies

“Maybe they’re dumb…but I don’t think so,” Sanders said regarding Wall Street’s policy expectations from a Clinton presidency. “They expect to get something.” Read more…

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How to Stream Fox Business' Republican Debate Tonight, No Cable Required


How to Stream Fox Business' Republican Debate Tonight, No Cable Required

The Republican presidential candidates are having yet another debate tonight, this time on the Fox Business Network. Thankfully, they’re making the debate available to as many people as possible.

As usual, there will be two debates: a one-hour debate starting at 7 PM ET/4PM PT, with Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum. The second debate will last two hours and start at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT with the rest of the candidates.

Fox Business has teamed up with a number of cable and satellite providers, so if you have cable but don’t get Fox Business, you will have it tonight during the debates.


If you don’t have cable at all, you’ll be able to stream the debate for free on FoxBusiness.com, the Fox Business App on iOS, or the Fox News app on iOS and Android.

How to Watch GOP Debate Night on Fox Business Network | Fox News Insider